Wedding Planning Software

Gone are the days where Brides need to lug around a enormous wedding binder to all of their wedding planning meetings, flipping through countless pages of information, checklists and vendor brochures. That my friends, is the archaic way of wedding planning, but come on, it's 2016 you want to be able to keep everything you need with you at all times without breaking a sweat. You want all your information right there available to you wherever you go and that's just what Aisle Planner is going to do for you!


Aisle Do has completely transitioned to using Aisle Planner to keep track of the multiple weddings we plan making all of our clients easily accessible from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Modern technology has changed the way information is stored, not to mention the trees that are being saved by keeping everything paperless.

You now have the opportunity to use the same wedding planning software that professional wedding planners use to keep track of all your important wedding details all in one place. Aisle Planner includes a Design Studio for you to create your colour scheme and décor designs, an easy to use Guest List feature which is integrated with the seating plan option. Aisle Planner provides you with a comprehensive checklist keeping track of all of your important to-do's and keeping you on track. You can track all your vendor payments as well as your budget and so much more.

Investment: One Time Fee of $50.00 for 12 months of Access or Monthly Payments of $5.00