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Steps for Understanding Your Florists and Floral Proposal

Step #1 – What is a Floral Proposal? A floral proposal is a summary and detailed list of every floral option and arrangement details that your florist will use to bring your floral vision to life. In its final form, the proposal is very comprehensive—in addition to an all-inclusive list of the arrangements, you’ll also find all […]

Gain Access to Our FREE Printable Wedding Worksheet Library – Questions To Ask Your Potential Vendors

Printable Wedding Worksheet Library

  You will feel so well prepared for your vendor meetings with these important questions to ask your potential vendors! Congratulations, you’re engaged and ready to start planning the wedding of your dreams! I understand how much work goes into planning the wedding of your dreams and how important it is that have a reliable […]

The Secrets of Wedding Cakes

  I’m sure we can all agree that wedding cake is yummy, well these days it is, something you would rarely hear years ago, when wedding cakes were pretty, but they held a bad reputation for being dry and boring tasting. Now wedding cakes are far more than pretty — they’re exciting, creative, and sometimes […]

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