The Wedding Reception

Escort Cards Vs. Place Cards – What’s The Difference?

Weddings are full of confusing words and rituals, you’re probably wondering, what’s the difference between an escort card and a place card?  Though at first glance the two terms appear synonymous, they actually correspond to different genres entirely. I’ve decided to assist you in clarifying the difference between place cards and escort cards. Place cards […]

Expert Tips for your Wedding Speeches – Who Speaks and When?

When it comes to planning out the timeline of your reception, it’s important to know who should speak and when, they are supposed to speak. There are traditionally a number of speeches that are included during the beginning of the reception, to welcome guests and congratulate the newlywed couple.   I have created an easy […]

Signature Wedding Drinks

  We love signature wedding drinks here at Aisle Do!  Especially stunningly presented cocktails served to guests in special themed glasses or rustic mason jars with garnishes and pretty straws. If your signature drink is passed out by waiters or set out for self serve, the line at the bar will be manageable.  Create one drink for the two of you or one for […]

Traditional Wedding Line Ups

A wedding has several points where your wedding party needs to know exactly where to stand or sit for each aspect. The following graphic image depicts where each person should be at specific points of the wedding such as the Ceremony, the receiving line, and during dinner. If you are looking to keep to history’s […]

An Easy Guide To Centerpieces

An Easy Guide To Centerpieces

Creating a beautiful yet cost effective centerpiece can sometimes be a bit of a daunting task, especially when there are just so many options to choose from. Below is a quick and easy reference guide for you to refer to when creating your centerpieces for any event! This infographic was provided by QC Event School.

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