Traditional Wedding Etiquette

Escort Cards Vs. Place Cards – What’s The Difference?

Weddings are full of confusing words and rituals, you’re probably wondering, what’s the difference between an escort card and a place card?  Though at first glance the two terms appear synonymous, they actually correspond to different genres entirely. I’ve decided to assist you in clarifying the difference between place cards and escort cards. Place cards […]

Expert Tips for your Wedding Speeches – Who Speaks and When?

When it comes to planning out the timeline of your reception, it’s important to know who should speak and when, they are supposed to speak. There are traditionally a number of speeches that are included during the beginning of the reception, to welcome guests and congratulate the newlywed couple.   I have created an easy […]

Wedding Etiquette: Who Pays For What?

Families that follow the traditional wedding customs typically divide the cost of the wedding in a specific way. Many times couples prefer to split the costs differently, but some still rather do it the old fashioned way. Below I have outlined the traditional division of costs. Bride– Grooms wedding Band– Gift for the Groom– Gifts […]

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