Common Head Table Layouts


Over the many weddings you have attended or seen photos of, I am sure you have noticed a few different styles when it comes to the layout of the head table or focal point of the space. There are several different styles of layouts that can be used in the design concept. It is also possible to have a layout which includes a variation of  a couple different head table styles to fit your specific desires and vision for your wedding day. Generally, regardless of the style of head table you choose, the table is the focal point of the reception, Many couples take advantage and decorate their head table elaborately to match their theme.

Head Table

The head table is probably one of the most commonly used layouts, where the entire wedding party sits at the front or focal point of the space with the Bride and Groom. There are two common seating layouts where the Bride and Groom sit at the center of the table with either the Bridesmaids on the Bride’s side and Groomsmen on the Groom’s side, or you may also see the wedding party alternating Bridesmaid and Groomsmen.

Photo Courtesy of Rachel A Clingen

Sweetheart Table

The sweetheart table is a small table set up for just the Bride and Groom. This layout style allows the couple to have a few intimate moments with each other to share some of their wedding reception together. The wedding party then sits at guest tables with their families or significant others. The sweetheart table and surrounding area around the couple are often elaborately decorated with a backdrop and floral arrangements.

Common Wedding Layout Design Options - Sweetheart Table


Kings Table

A King’s table is a large rectangular or square table in the middle or at a focal point of the room. This table entire wedding party including their significant others, parents of the bride and groom and whoever else the bride and groom may want to include at the table. This style allows for a more intimate family style dinner as everyone is facing each other. It is also common to have more than one kings table if you have a large group of immediate family and friends.

Photo Courtesy of Rachel A Clingen 
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