Trending: The Groom Shower

In the world of weddings it seems as though so many pre-wedding gatherings are catered to the bride-to-be and their fiance gets to watch them get whisked away by friends and family to celebrate her upcoming wedding. Groom’s are now taking a stand and having their own “Groom Shower’s”

A Groom shower allows the groom to take part in the pre-wedding festivities by getting together with his friends and family, allowing them to give him gifts as well, instead of the traditional bridal shower gifts like cookware and linens the groom receives gifts such as spirits to stock the liquor cabinet with or power tools for his new garage in that new house the two of you have had your eyes on.

If your guy isn’t the type to enjoy being “showered” with gifts, he could always go along with some friends or family on an “experience” outing, very much similar to a bachelor party, but with more class than the typical poker night, beers and dancers. Perhaps his friends decide to take him out to a gun range for the day or go to the race track to watch a race. Whatever it may be, it’s 2017, not all pre-wedding gatherings have to be for the bride-to-be.

What’s your take on the new and trending “groom’s shower”? Let us know in the comments down below!