Wedding Photography Styles You Need To Know

With so many styles of photography to chose from it can all seem a little overwhelming, do you want traditional, candid, or documentary style wedding photos? I have created an easy guide to assist you in deciding which type of wedding photography style you want to portray for your wedding photos.

Traditional or Classic:

Traditional or posed photos are typically the most common style of wedding photography. Your photographer will work closely with you to ensure you receive perfectly posed photos. Setting up each shot can be a little time consuming as you are trying to get everyone to pose just right. The larger the wedding party, the more time that will need to be allocated to taking photos.

Photo Credit: Photography by Shivani


Rather than posing you and your guests for your wedding day photos, the photographer follows you and your guests throughout the wedding day, capturing events as they unfold in order to tell the story of your wedding. Your photographer will probably not interact with you very much throughout the day, as they work quickly to capture the most perfect shots to create a story of the day. The photographer has to be able to fade into the background and become “invisible” to the crowd in order to get these candid shots. This style of photography is also commonly known as “documentary” style.

Photo Credit: Verveine Studios


These formal photographs include posed shots of the bride and groom, as well as portraits with family members. Often there is a lot of lighting used to assist in setting the tone and accentuating peoples features just right. This style can look very formal, however can be rather time consuming to have everyone set up for each posed photo. Candid shots are often not something this style of photographer will do.

Photo Credit: Verveine Studios


The style of photography needs to be done by someone who has a creative edge, someone who is able to think outside of the box in order to come up with the types of photos this style of photographer shoots. This style often results in photos being taken of reflections such as mirrors or puddles. Perhaps, a photo of the newlyweds taken through the center of your wedding ring to represent your everlasting love for one another. You may also encounter the use of very picturesque background settings that your photographer has already scoped out previously in order to get the perfect shot.

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