Common Wedding Gown Alteration Types

Your wedding is your day, you want to ensure you look absolutely perfect from head to toe. What better way than to have your wedding gown tailored specifically to your body shape? Today I am going to share with you some common wedding gown alterations you may expect when you go in for your first fitting starting with the three most common alteration types almost every bride will need to ensure that they account for in their wedding gown budget.


Many wedding gowns come in lengths that are much too long for the average bride without wearing sky high heels. Your seamstress can easily hem the length the length of your gown to your shoe height to ensure you aren’t tripping over your wedding dress as you make your way down the aisle.


A bustle is put in place so that you can essentially hook the train of your gown up to ensure you don’t need to drag it around everywhere or worry about tripping over it as you dance the night away. There are many styles of bustles to choose from depending on the style of your wedding gown.

Sewing in Cups

I hear so many brides trying to find the perfect bra for their wedding gown to ensure their girls stay in place for the evening. With good alterations and bra cups sewn into your dress you don’t need to wear a bra, as the cups help to keep the shape of your gown and with a dress fitted to you, your girls are going to be just fine. Better yet, if you have a gown with a corset back you have the extra support of the corset and boning in the gown.

Bust Darts

Your seamstress can assist in that gap you seem to get in a wedding gown around the bust area by adding in bust darts which essentially gather the gown at the sides and bring it together for a tighter fit.

Taking-In or Letting-Out

Often you may be in need of having your gown tightened or loosened if you had to order a gown up a size due to your hips or other measurements. This is an easy fix if you need to have it brought in as you can always bring it in a couple of inches. You don’t have quite as much leeway if you need to let it out as there is only so much fabric to work with.

Strap Tightening

Usually the straps on a wedding gown just don’t seem to sit right, don’t fret, your seamstress can easily do this for you and ensure they sit exactly where you would like them to be.

Adding Embellishments

Many brides opt to add a belt or some sort of embellishment to their wedding gown. This is often something that can be done for you, just speak with your seamstress to see what they think as sometimes fabrics can be harder to work with than others.


There are many other types of alterations that can be done with your wedding gown however the above are the most typical types I have seen in my experience as a Bridal Consultant in a bridal boutique.