What do you do when you have decided to the other route and buy all the linens for your wedding? Well, you have to keep in mind that this will mean additional work for you prior to your wedding day, as you will definitely want to iron all of your linens to remove any wrinkles in the fabric. Ironing your linens may seem like such a daunting task, however, I think I have found the solution to making this task seem easier.

Steps for Easy Ironing of Your Linens

Important- make sure you have the iron on the correct setting for your type of fabric, if you are unsure, either call a local fabric store or the facility you purchased your linens at should be able to assist in this manner.


1. It is not in your best interest to wash them first and then tumble dry them to try to get wrinkles out. It usually doesn’t work and puts more wrinkles into the fabric, making you more work. 

2. Open the package on a large table, unfold the tablecloths and stop unfolding when you have two layers of cloth, you will be ironing your fabric doubled, transfer to your ironing board.

3. You need to make sure to keep enough water in your iron as you work through your table cloths. The effects of the steam smooths wrinkles out quick on both sides of the tablecloth typically with great ease. If you are not the best at ironing, keep your iron moving, you don’t want to burn your linens. Work your way around until all is ironed out flat while doubled.

4. Once you have ironed double sided then you can iron the last long crease out of the tablecloth and spot iron any wrinkles you may have missed.

5. Once you have ironed the tablecloth, lay each on on a bed or large table and stack them one on top of the other, staggered approximately 1 inch from the edge of the previous tablecloth to prevent bunching when you roll them all up afterwards.

6. In order to keep your linens wrinkle free after you have just spent over an hour ironing them, cut down a pool noodle or PVC pipe to the width of your tablecloths and roll the stack onto the noodle or PVC.

7. Use plastic cling wrap on each end and in the middle to keep it all wrapped for transport.


1. Iron and keep flat

2. Wrap in plastic cling wrap to prevent wrinkles and protect from dirt

Sashes and Runners:

1. Iron (on a low heat).

2. Stack them and roll them

3. Wrap in plastic cling wrap to keep them wrapped and together

**** A little tip for organizing all you wedding decor. You can purchase Rubbermaid type containers at Walmart for under $10 each. Buy one for each table and area you have. Label them with tape and a sharpie where they will be used (table number, ceremony, etc). Then you can quickly set each container where you need it for decorating then store them out of site until then end of the night. When it’s time to pack up set a container by each space and quickly pack it all back up.