Often times couples sit and wonder whether or not they can handle the pressure of planning a wedding. Usually neither of them has ever planned such an elaborate event. Many couples feel they can handle everything on their own. Then as the date draws near feeling unprepared, the pressure and a lot of stressful late night wedding research online trying to find the best cake decorator in town! I would like to share a few signs of when to hire a wedding planner. That’s what the wedding planner is for, to take away those 2:30am half asleep moments, scrolling through pages of reviews blindly searching through a sea of vendors all offering the best rate and quality of service.

1) Wedding Planning is a big job, with research, phone calls, emails, meetings and extreme organization. You need to devote a lot of time to planning a wedding and already have a full time job, you don’t need another one, plus you already have a ton of things to do within your personal life. Weddings planners plan weddings for a living!

2) Never really been a master at keeping a budget?  Weddings come with a budget usually upwards in thousands and thousands of dollars. Sure you can manage your monthly household budget but does managing thousands of dollars sound like a daunting task to you?  As a wedding planner, we deal with large scale budgets on a daily basis.  We also track your vendor payment schedules so you will never miss a payment date!

3) Do wedding websites, Pinterest, and Etsy have you wanting to incorporate everything and anything you see into your wedding? How do you know if you are getting the best price? There’s a lot of ideas and inspiration out there which can become a bit overwhelming or confusing. As a wedding planner, I assist you with creating the day of your dreams and working alongside you to give you a wedding that reflects your vision and personal style.

4) Are you a little bit shy when it comes to negotiations with a vendor and getting the best possible deal you can to fit your needs and your budget? Wedding planners have a whole roster of wedding vendors just a phone call away, with whom they have previously worked with and can assure you that they will perform exactly as expected on wedding day. They also tend to be able to get you a lower rate as they continuously bring business back to the vendor for other weddings and events.

5) You thought you could do it alone, now you’re 5 months in and feel like you’re drowning in your wedding plans. You have no social life outside of planning your weddings, you need someone who can step in and pick up all the pieces, to fit them all together to create a gorgeous day without all the stress beforehand.

Hope you all have a fantastic day and keep smiling! Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. Embrace it, enjoy and love it! <3

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