Okay so let’s face it, Wedding Planning is not an easy task to say the least. It’s expensive and time consuming and there comes a time when planning your wedding all yourself is just not so fun anymore. There are thousands of fine details to be covered and large numbers to be dealt with which can seem very intimidating, especially to someone who has never planned a large scale event previously.

You’ve decided you need some help with planning your wedding – but you don’t want to hire a wedding planner due to the fear of an additional expense

So you’re inquiring with planners about their pricing for “Day-Of Coordination” There has been a major misconception about what exactly a “Day Of Coordinator” actually does, let me tell you a little bit more…

Unfortunately “Day-Of Coordination” really isn’t actually a real thing, it’s a term that has been morphed from “Month of Coordination” by wedding professionals to “better” describe what the service actually is, however there is a lot more work that needs to be done leading up to day of. I mean let’s be real, you planned your wedding for months and months carefully pulling together all your fine details and now you want a stranger to come in on your wedding day during the hustle and bustle of the days events and execute the day exactly as you had planned. It really is just not feasible, your coordinator needs to have a sense of your vision, we need to know all your smaller details so that we can ensure a simply flawless day on wedding day, to do exactly that takes preparation and a fair amount of it. Which is where we come to…


The benefit here is not for us, it’s for you. We understand that you think you’ve planned every last detail right down to the style of napkin folding you would prefer to have on your table settings, and the only help you need is to have someone walk in the day of the wedding and just hang out and watch as your perfectly planned day just happens all by itself, I hate to break it to you but with so many parties and different aspects involved, it simply doesn’t happen this way, with a large event there is ALWAYS some sort of little mishap whether it be something big or something small, I am yet to coordinate a wedding that was completely flawless without me stepping in to deal with the issue at hand.

If you’re looking to include any services listed below, you are actually looking for a “Month of Coordinator”. It is a common misconception of what a “Day Of Coordinator” actually means. In short a “Day of Coordinator” means that you will have a wedding coordinator on site on your wedding day to handle all the logistics of your special day. The services below cannot be completed in just a couple of days time prior to wedding day. There is extensive work that goes into ensuring your wedding day goes off without a hitch. This will help you to understand why no professional wedding planner would ever walk into your wedding without needing to do extensive work 4-6 weeks before the wedding day, we need to know what’s going on so that we can execute your plans accordingly.

  • Contacting your vendors to make sure they show up on time and confirm they’ve been contracted to do everything you need
  • Coordinating delivery and set up and tear down times with your venue and warehouse teams
  • Drafting you a detailed wedding day timeline for you and your vendors so everyone knows exactly what’s to be expected
  • Directing the rehearsal
  • Venue or vendor meetings either in person, by phone or email before the wedding day

All of these services are NOT Day of Coordination, they require work prior to wedding day, falling into the “Month of Coordination” Services. 

Just imagine, a few weeks prior to your wedding day, you’ve chosen a wedding coordinator to handle your “day of coordination” You have one two hour meeting going over your timeline and all of your vendors, however on wedding day your wedding coordinator who has only had the one meeting with you has no idea who people are or where anything is supposed to be? What the guests were having for dinner or a seating mishap, what about allergies and your Aunt Merle can’t have any seafood, she was mistakenly seated at a seat where crab spring rolls were served, she ordered chicken and takes a bite unknowingly? You might not have thought of providing your coordinator with a copy of your seating chart and meal selections. Yes, that’s how detailed we get here at Aisle Do, Weddings & Events, we take our weddings very seriously.

Now if a planner tells you they will charge you a lower rate or that they will work your wedding day for “just a few hours,” they are not a professional planner. They may be new and using your wedding as practice for their portfolio (danger! Do you want your one special day to be someone else’s guinea pig?) or they may not understand how much work is involved in preparing for a wedding (this lack of general knowledge will not bode well for even the basic details of your wedding.)

If you think you need a little (or a lot) more help than the above, many planners like myself offer a middle ground called Partial Planning (a very popular package, it consists of month-of coordination with ongoing guidance and meetings so you can plan your own wedding with confidence and a safety net- see here for more info!)

Hiring a wedding coordinator or planner gives you peace of mind, we’ve done this before many times, and hey, it also allows your friends and family relax and enjoy your wedding day without having to miss a thing because they’re put to work on dealing with floral deliveries or making sure that the late night table is set. Leave your wedding the hands of a professional and have a wedding to remember for years and years to come!


(Have questions about what Month-Of Coordination includes or doesn’t? Email me at aisledoweddingsandevents@gmail.com anytime!)