There are many terms and abbreviations that you are going hear from wedding professionals that may leave you scratching your head, wondering what the heck they mean? Wedding professionals use these terms on a daily basis and may forget that you may have no idea what the heck a MOB is, and no we don’t mean like an angry mob or are we trying to incorporate the mafia somehow. I have created a list of some common terms that you may hear as you plan your wedding,

  • MIL – Mother in Law
  • FMIL – Future Mother in Law
  • FOB – Father of the Bride
  • FOG – Father of the Groom
  • MOB – Mother of the Bride
  • MOG – Mother of the Groom

  • MOH – Maid/Matron of Honour
  • BM – Bridesmaid(s) or can also be Best Man
  • GM – Groomsman
  • FG – Flower Girl
  • STD – Save the Date
  • WP – Wedding Planner