A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you a post called Designing Your Wedding Stationary on Canva - Part 1  a comprehensive guide to how you can create your wedding stationary on Canva. Click the link below to download part one of your guide, which focuses on creating a wedding brand and designing your Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations on Canva. The best part is you don't even have to be a graphic designer to completely design all of your wedding stationary and create a uniform look throughout.

Canva has now released Part 2 which focuses on designing your Bridal Shower invitations and Place cards. I often recommend to my clients to use Canva to design their stationary and then have it printed at a printing house. I prefer Vistaprint as their prices as fabulous! Sign up for their newsletter offers and be notified about their exclusive savings offers, particularly their 50% off sale!

Download Part 2 of Designing Your Wedding Stationary on Canva by clicking on the button down below to get started on designing all of your wedding stationary yourself!