Well, it looks like Rustic weddings are here to stay for at least a little bit longer, couples are tending to lean away from the smancey dancey over the top style weddings and leaning towards a more simple, laid back and relaxed atmosphere. What doesn’t give you that casual relaxed feeling like the fresh outdoors of the countryside?


There are so many creative ways to decorate your rustic wedding whether you’re on a budget or have a little extra to spend you can create the look you desire, it just all depends on a little creativity and imagination. The beauty of a rustic theme is not everything has to match, things don’t necessarily have to be in pristine condition, sometimes the more aged the item looks, the better depending upon the look you’re going for. Here are a few fun and easy ways you can decorate for your rustic wedding theme:


Branches are plentiful in any forest, and the best part, they’re free, you can use branches for so many kinds of DIY projects to decorate your rustic theme. Why not try to use a bunch of branches to create an altar, wrap some lace and burlap and add a few floral accents and you have yourself a beautiful archway to get married under!

Wine Barrels

Wine barrels are often used for a rustic theme, either as a base for the dessert table, at the front of the aisle as a place to sign the Marriage License, the cake table, hollowed out and used as a flower pots to hold large floral arrangements. I definitely favour the versatility of a good wine barrel.

Burlap and Lace

I still love the look of a nice burlap and lace table runner against a soft pastel colour such as, peach or blue, the neutral colour of burlap allows floral centerpieces to take center-stage and the romance of the lace adds a nice subtle touch.

White String Lights

We’ve all seen the gorgeous photos on pinterest of a barn style wedding, with thousands of white lights hanging from the rafters of the barn ceiling almost resembling fireflies, The lights add to the softness and help to create a soft glow throughout the evening.

Hay Bails

You can use bails of hay to style your larger photographs such as your engagement photo or pictures of each of your parents weddings.

Picnic Tables

Picnic tables work fantastic for rustic weddings as they are already made of wood which alone assists in tying into your theme. They also work very well side by side to create a family style dinner instead of the traditional catered service.