Wedding Invitations can get very pricey, you're often looking at around $5 - $10 per invitation suite, numbers like that add up quick and that's not to mention the additional funds that have to be spent on costly postage. Why not save yourself a bundle and design your own wedding invitations. There are so many places that allow you to design and download your wedding invitation template. You can then take your template and have it printed by a printing house or my personal favourite and probably the most budget friendly, Vistaprint.

My definite favourite place for designing wedding invitations is Canva. Canva allows you to completely customize premade templates or you can start from scratch and make your own. The best part is, there are several free options to choose from and if you don't mind paying less than you would spend on your morning coffee there are even more gorgeous paid templates for you to design and customize to suit your wedding theme.

Check out a few of the free designs I grabbed from Canva to show you what you can do with this amazing program. That's not all, you can actually design all of your wedding stationary on Canva and have it printed for a fraction of the cost of having your stationary designed by a designer.

Want to design your own wedding stationary on Canva? Check this out and download your Guide To Designing Your Wedding Stationary on Canva