You want your wedding to be the best wedding your guests have ever attended and you want to create amazing memories to keep forever to remember for years to come. There are so many small details you can incorporate into your wedding to ensure that everyone has a great time. I have collaborated many small details and extra touches you can include in your wedding plans to host the best wedding ever!


  1. Keep the ceremony brief, especially if you are including children in your wedding to avoid guests getting antsy and possibly disruptive,
  2. Provide your guests with ways to cool down or warm up for outdoor weddings in the summer or winter. Protect your guests from the weather elements
  3. Make your wedding unique, add special touches that portray both of your personalities. Are you an English Lit fanatic? Include this in your theme, such as a vintage books as part of your table decor. Is he a Marvel superhero freak, incorporate this somehow into your wedding.
  4. Use an Instagram hashtag, Instagram is all the rage these days, why not get some awesome wedding shots from the view of your guests using a personalize Instagram wedding hashtag
  5. Create a well planned seating chart that is easy to read and understand, your guests will appreciate knowing exactly where to be.
  6. Treat your guests like royalty, have out of town guests, ensure that they enjoy their stay with a customized Welcome Basket, include a bottle of wine, some snacks and general information about the town or city they are staying in.
  7. If you can, spend the extra money on an open bar, guests typically expect an open bar and it can be taken as rude or tacky if they are only allowed a certain amount of drinks or have to pay for extra drinks. Most venues will include this in their package price.
  8. Take the time to meet with each of your guests, it's rude to invite them to attend your wedding and not even acknowledge their presence at least for a few moments.
  9. Include a photo booth that allows your guests to instantly print their pictures to take home as keepsakes.
  10. Be creative and come up with at least one signature cocktail to be served at your wedding that somehow incorporates your theme or even perhaps your honeymoon destination. You can create a cute sign that features your signature drink at the bar
  11. Provide pairs of flip flops in various sizes so that the ladies can change into them and dance the night away, not worrying about going barefoot on the potentially sticky dance floor. This is a great idea if you are having a beach wedding as well, make sure you get pairs for the men as well!
  12. Set up a kids table with arts and crafts and hire someone who is there to mind the children and do fun activities while their parents get to enjoy their time at your wedding.
  13. Set up a lounge area outside of the actual reception hall where your guests can get away from the music and just relax for a little while.
  14. Make sure you allow your guests to have the opportunity to request songs from your DJ throughout the evening.
  15. Include some type of candy and dessert bar, or perhaps a popcorn station and use it as a focal point in the room when designing your decor.
  16. Make sure you include at least a few fun wedding games during the reception. Games help to keep the guests engaged in the fun, you can even give out your centerpieces as prizes to the winner of some games.
  17. Definitely set up a late night buffet or food table, with all that alcohol you want your guests to at least eat something, having a late night food table is a great way to ensure that everyone eats again before they go home. Besides all that dancing burns off a lot of energy and makes you hungry.

There are so many ideas and tips that can improve your wedding status quo, the above is just a few pieces of advice that I personally advise many of my clients to include in their wedding while we work through the planning process. If you're still in search of some hot and fresh ideas to make sure you have the best wedding ever, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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