So one of your closest girls has asked you to stand up for them at their wedding and be their bridesmaid. She gave you this adorable wooden box painted pink with the sweetest heartfelt note along with a cute little bottle of sparkling wine, nail polish and a darling necklace. How could you say no? So, now you’re a bridesmaid, but you have no idea what to expect? You’ve never done this before! Don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered, with a list of things to be expected of you as a bridesmaid.

So You've Been Asked To Be a Bridesmaid... Now What_


  • As a Bridesmaid you are expected to take part in pre-wedding activites and wedding party’s such as the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette (More on those in a little while)
  • You should be there to support your bride, wedding planning can be stressful, be a good listening ear and try your best to offer suggestions where you can throughout the planning process
  • Do your best to be there for important dates such as bridesmaid dress shopping trips and fittings
  • You are still expected to give the couple a wedding gift, as well as a gift for their bridal shower and bachelorette
  • Be prepared to purchase your own bridesmaid dress as well as pay for alterations if needed, shoes are also typically expected to be paid for
  • You will also probably need to pay for hair and make up on wedding day
  • Don’t complain or cause any unnecessary drama, it’s not your wedding day
  • Get other wedding guests out on the dance floor dancing, you want the bride and groom to see all of their guests having a good time at their wedding, it’ll help them enjoy their time even more seeing everybody having fun
  • The entire bridesmaid clan is expected to host both the bridal shower as well as the bachelorette
  • Assist the bride with choosing her wedding gown
  • Offer assistance where needed if your bride is feeling overwhelmed or stressed.
  • If you are the maid of honour you are expected to give a speech or toast to the newlywed couple
  • You are expected to walk down the aisle and stand up for your bride
  • On wedding day it is your duty to ensure that you are on time
  • Be prepared to run any emergency errands on the morning of the wedding in the event of something being forgotten
  • You are allowed to have fun, but keep in mind that the couple’s family and friends are at this wedding so don’t get to drunk and start acting out of line
  • Have emergency items on hand, like extra earrings, tape, pens, paper, deodorant, pantyhose, band aids, bobby pins etc
  • Keep secrets, if your bride doesn’t want everyone to know the theme or style of her dress, do not tell anyone!
  • Be prepared to assist with some crazy DIY projects that she has decided on to use for her wedding centerpieces, invitation stuffing party anyone?
  • Get along with the other members of the wedding party, even if you don’t like a certain person, it’s not fair to the couple to cause an issue, they asked each of you to be in their wedding party for a reason and want you both to be a part of their big day