Your Bridesmaids

It is definitely proper etiquette to give a gift to your bridesmaids when you ask them to stand up for you on wedding day. After-all these ladies will have their work cut out for them in the months leading up to wedding day. These are the ladies that will have to listen to you ramble on and on about the wedding for months on end and spend countless dollars on their hair, make up, shoes and bridesmaids dress, so in my opinion, I think it's only fair.

Your Groom

He is the love of your life and it's customary for the Bride and Groom to exchange gifts on the morning of the wedding. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, perhaps a cute pair of socks or beautiful cuff links with a hand written note from you to remind him of all the reasons why you love him and can't wait to take his name.

Your Parents

Both sets of parents raised you to be the person you have become today. A marriage is a symbol of a new family starting, it is customary to give the parents a small gift as a special thank you for helping you to become who you are now.

Your Vendors

You might want to give your vendors a small gift as a thank you for their services, especially if they went above and beyond your expectations and delivered their service with grace.  .