Aisle Planner is a cloud-based wedding planning program, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This is so convenient because you can access your wedding plans from anywhere, whether you be shopping for invitations or at a cake decorating meeting, you can open your wedding plans on your tablet or laptop and add in any additional details that you may want to add. Aisle Planner ensures that everyone is on the same page and has assigned tasks to be taken care of, including due dates!


Are you tired of carrying around a big bulky wedding binder with you everywhere you go? With Aisle Planner you don’t have too, because all of your important wedding details are easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection! This is definitely a turning point in wedding planning!! Clients love the convenience of being able to log into their wedding plans, anywhere, find a great vase for centerpieces? Take a picture and upload it to your design studio. Got a quote from a florist while on your lunch hour? Open up your vendors section and add in all relevant information. No pen and paper needed!

Aisle Planner Home Dashboard
Aisle Planner Home Dashboard

I love being able to have such a strong connection with my clients as I can check in on them and look over any new changes from my notifications that go straight to my email, so I can quickly review and make comments even while I’m out and about, away from my office.Aisle Planner also has the option to download each file and print it so you can take a hard copy with you when you attend meetings.

Interested in learning more about how you could use “Aisle Planner” to plan your wedding definitely get in touch or click here! We will be happy to assist you. Aisle Do, provides full access to Aisle Planner in both our Full Service and Partial Wedding Planning Packages. Get in touch with us and inquire today!