Yesterday afternoon, over lunch with a girlfriend of mine we were discussing some of the not so glamorous moments we’ve encountered throughout our days, which brought me to remembering a now, really funny moment I experienced while coordinating a wedding. I thought I would go out on a limb and share a bit of an embarrassing moment that I wouldn’t normally share but now, I get a good laugh out of it and find it funny thinking back to the thoughts that were going through my mind at the time!
It was an incredibly blazing hot Saturday, the temperatures somewhere in the low 30’s probably feeling closer to 40 degrees once you factored in the humidity, My assistant and I arrived early at the church to discover that the décor company was running extremely behind in the set up process. So of course, my assistant and I jump to work and start hurriedly putting chair covers on all the chairs, moving furniture to create the desired look. All the while, this church of course does not have an air conditioning system. The only ventilation were a couple of large fans and a set of doors that opened to the outdoors which is also just as hot without much of a breeze.
Perhaps, I didn’t think my outfit through well enough, but I had decided to wear a blouse with sleeves that day, and of course with all the moving around in a hurry I had begun to break a bit of sweat, Lady Speed Stick, failed me! I didn’t smell bad or anything but as a shorter wedding planner I tend to need to raise my hands above my head to get the attention of a wedding party. “Umm, Hello! I can’t be doing that with sweat marks under my arms! How embarrassing!” So, off to the ladies room I go, thankfully I always keep an extra outfit with me, just in case, I’m a wedding planner after-all, we always have a back up plan! Uh Oh, my back up plan has sleeves as well, so what do I do? I whip out two panty liners and line my armpits with panty liners! Hey, what’s a girl to do in this kind of humidity? So, yes, I have coordinated a wedding with panty liners in my armpits to protect my blouse from sweat marks!
Wait, the not so glamourous moments didn’t end there, our incredibly hot day, turned into a very stormy day, when? Just as the ceremony let out and the wedding party was leaving to go take photos, the skies literally opened up and dropped a torrential downpour on us! Umbrella’s were there but they were for the wedding party to try to at least stay somewhat dry as they made the mad dash for the limo! My assistant and I had parked at the other end of the parking lot and had given our umbrellas away by this point to the parents of the bride. Now soaked from head to toe we make our way to the reception site with the heat in the car cranked up, in hopes of at least partially drying before we got there.
I’ll go to great lengths to ensure that my clients have the day of their dreams, even if I have to endure some of those not so glamorous moments along the way, as long as my clients are happy it’s all worth it in the end, even if I spend a wedding ceremony with panty liners in my armpits.