While every wedding is definitely unique in its own way, there are certainly several trends that I see popping up and making an appearance in more than just a few weddings I have encountered. Trends are forever changing some are phased out just as quickly as they came in, and some have a tendency to stick.

Pantone’s Colours of the Year – Rose Quartz and Serenity

Pantone announced this year that they will be feature not one, but two trendsetting colours, a pair of very tranquil yet powerful colours, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Rose Quartz being a soft dusty pink, Serenity being a light and airy, blue tone. The pair are very cohesive together and pair well with many other soft pastels as well as metallic colours.

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Light and Airy Groom Attire

I am seeing many couples opt for a lighter and brighter grooms attire ensemble featuring colours such as Dusty Blue, Light Ash Grey, Khaki and shades of beige all hit the center stage for a fun and casual Spring or Summer Wedding. Who wants to black in the blistering heat of the sun, as we all know, black attracts the heat. I have also seen many forego the whole suit and just wear dress pants, a dress shirt, suspenders and a bowtie for a more casual laid back and rustic outdoor wedding.

Photo Courtesy of Wedding Chicks
Photo Courtesy of Wedding Chicks

Floral Halo Veil

So, we’ve see the flower crown make huge headway into bridal wedding attire and is definitely going strong into wedding trends to come. A soft floral halo to sit atop of your stunningly styled hair. You can actually have a veil attached to your floral crown to cascade down your back and really top of your look of being a bride!

Photo Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride
Photo Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride

Naked Wedding Cakes

These simplistic yet beautiful cakes are perfect for any outdoor wedding taking place in any warm weather, you avoid the risk of the fondant or icing melting and creating a wedding cake disaster. These cakes are lightly dusted with icing sugar and decorated with fruit or floral arrangements, often also dusted with icing sugar as well creating a stunning work of art. Many guests aren’t actually very fond of cakes that feature fondant as it is quite sugary and usually too sweet for most to enjoy. A naked cake, your guests will get to enjoy the best of both worlds!


Dessert Bars, Cupcakes, Cake Pops and Donut Towers

The days of the traditional wedding cake are dwindling. Many couples are forgoing the traditional wedding cake expectation and opting for a more unique approach to their wedding dessert menu. A growing trend of offering guests a dessert table with several kinds of sweets such as candies, cookies, muffins and chocolates, usually decorated to the nines and becoming a focal point of the event space. Cupcakes have taken the spotlight with tiers and tiers of intricately designed cupcakes to match the wedding colour scheme and theme. Cake pops and donut towers are also starting to make an entrance and set the bar high as these sweet treats can be decorated and displayed very nicely and attract the eye and the stomach of any of your wedding guests