I love my wedding clients, I really do, I love getting to hear their wedding hopes, dreams and ideas. I adore learning about their lives, personal style, and what makes them unique as a couple. Working together to create a day that will reflect their personal style to their closest family and friends. Unfortunately, we always come into a little bit of a hiccup along the way especially during the initial planning stages… the all time dreaded, wedding budget. I often notice that my clients or anyone really for that matter, just don’t seem to understand how much it costs to throw a huge elaborate wedding with all the bells and whistles like you seen in “Style Me Pretty” Magazine. Everyone wants luxe but don’t want to spend the bucks!

This where I come to my absolute biggest piece of advice when it comes to planning your wedding, don’t cut corners, especially with the major elements of your day, such as your, venue, caterer, photographer/videographer, and seamstress who does your alterations on your gown! Less is not always more. Often times the vendors with lower fees are new to the industry or subpar services. You need to question, why is their rate so low in comparison to everyone else’s? Sure, you could hire that photographer who is going to be on site for your entire wedding day and is only charging $700.00 but you run the risk of having your wedding photos turning out nothing like what you had hoped for. The more money you spend on your vendors the more they are obligated to deliver exceptional service.

People work harder quotePerhaps your mother’s best friend has worked in a grocery store floral shop for the past 15 years and has offered to do all the floral pieces for your wedding at a fraction of the cost of a professional florist that is used to handling large wedding? Does she have the experience to handle such a large order, or can she ensure that she has ordered enough flowers for all of your centerpieces and bouquets? What happens if the flowers she ordered arrive already wilted, does she have the suppliers to provide her with fresh flowers on such short notice and is their a team of assistants she will be working with to ensure everything is done on time? As you can see, this is a lot to consider, and even though you have saved a few dollars on a real wedding florist, you’ve added on a plethora of what if’s and added stress leading up to wedding day. Hire that professional florist who has worked on 200 plus weddings and rest assured that your floral arrangements will be set up and look exactly as you had pictured without the stress or worry about if you made the right decision.

As a wedding planner, I often encounter potential clients who would like to hire a wedding planner but don’t want to make the investment of $1500 or more to include one. A professional wedding planner has the ability to actually save you some money. We have a roster of vendors we have previously screened and worked with and can often get discounts for their clients from that vendor that a wedding couple cannot as the likelihood of repeat customers is rather slim. Not only does this save you money, but guarantees you the best quality vendors to work with on wedding day ensuring that you have nothing to worry about aside from making sure you don’t trip over your gown as you walk down the aisle. (Don’t worry ladies, one foot in front of the other)

Just remember, when screening your vendors and requesting quotes, my general rule of thumb is to go with the vendors that in the middle of the scale, don’t go with the $500 venue location, and also don’t go with the venue that is over the top expensive at $7500 just for the space rental fee, find the venue on the middle ground of say $3000.00 and go with them. Again, remembering that less is not always more! Keeping these little tips in mind will definitely help to alleviate some of your stress, knowing that your wedding is not being taken care by amateurs but rather by a professional who is experienced in working with weddings of a larger scale. You only get one wedding day, make it a fabulous day to remember, not a disaster that you want to forget because you cut a few corners and hoped for the best.