You’ve spent hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars on your wedding dress, it probably one of your top worries, “How am I going to keep this beautiful white dress clean while I wear it for eight or more hours on my wedding day? I can’t even keep my white pants clean let alone layers upon layers of dress!” Never fear, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to assist you with keeping your dress clean all day on wedding day.

Use a Sheet

Bring along a sheet with you for your wedding photos, you can have your photographer lay out the sheet for you to stand on during your photos, a talented photographer will be able to edit the sheet out of the final photos. Use a couple of sheets and you can sit on it in the limo as well.

Make Use of Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are there to help you on wedding day, have them lift and carry your train so it doesn’t drag along the dirty ground as you walk.

Use Your Napkin

Place a napkin over your lap during dinner to ensure that if anything falls you will not end up with Chicken Cordon Bleu in your lap all over your beautiful white gown. Taking smaller bites will assist you in ensuring you don’t drop anything on you as well.


Keep Your Beverages Light in Colour

Opt for the white wine instead of the red, keep your drinks on the clear side, so that if anything spills on you the stain will be much less noticeable and will easily come out.

Stain Remover Stick

Make sure you pack up a stain removing stick such as Tide-To-Go that is in your wedding emergency kit that way you can act fast and combat any noticeable stains right away, the faster you act, the less chance that the stain will be set in.

Make Use of a Bustle

Having a professional seamstress install a secure bustle will help to keep your dress from dragging on the ground as you walk and dance the night away. Ideally, the bustle should lift your dress far enough off the ground so dirt isn’t an issue, although, in practice bustle loops often break so it’s good idea to attach some safety pins underneath your gown in case of an emergency bustle breaking issue.

Lastly just relax! Remember, you want to enjoy your wedding day, don’t let a small issue such as dirt at the bottom of your dress get you down and ruin your day. Just try your best to be careful and if anything happens, laugh it off and go about the rest of your day. Following these tips will definitely be an asset in helping you keep your dress clean all day long and well into the evening!