Pick a Number, Any Number

Stick to that number — no matter what. If you say you are only going to have 125 people — and then you start making exceptions and invite one or two people more — by the end of the week, your guest list will climb to 150. The number you pick can be based on your venue, your budget, or your overall preference for having a small or large wedding.

Do the One-Year Test

If you’re not sure whether or not to invite someone, stop and ask yourself, “Have I seen or spoken to this person in the last year?” If the answer is no, odds are that you can keep them off your must-have list, as the person is not close to you or your fiance. The only time this may change is if they are immediate family members or friends that live abroad.

Not Everyone Needs a Plus One

Imagine if you included 100 guests and each of those guests was offered a plus one, you have now taken your guest list of 100 of your close friends and added a potential additional 100 guests that you don’t even know. You shouldn’t have to pay for a bunch of plates for people that you don’t even know. You can pick and choose who gets a plus one, my suggestion is to limit the plus ones to close friends and family only or members of the wedding party. Save yourself the unnecessary cost per person which can be anywhere from $50-$200 each person.

Keep it Organized

Make a spreadsheet and jot one person’s name down on each row. That way you can have an organized way of counting who you want to invite and can see when the list is starting to grow too long. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive wedding guest list spreadsheet or guest management tips