Your transportation on wedding day is one of the biggest key aspects of the day. You need to ensure that the transportation is going to run according to schedule to allow the day to stay on course as you had planned. I have listed a few detrimental question you should absolutely be aware of prior to making any sort of transportation decisions and signing on the dotted line…
How many, what size and what type of vehicles do you have? 

You want to make sure that the limo company you hire has an ample amount of vehicles in which will accommodate your wedding party transportation needs. You don’t want to run into them only having one SUV style limo and running into car problems and them only having a regular stretch limo available, especially if you have a large wedding party to transport.

Do you provide refreshments in the car? If so, is there any additional cost?

Many limousine companies will provide refreshments, often as part of a package deal, ensure you know exactly what will be included.

If the event is running behind schedule, will that create a problem for you?
You definitely want to ensure that the company is willing to be flexible with timing. Typically events tend to run slightly behind planned schedule. You want to make sure that they are not required to be at another event too close your event as well as make sure they are not scheduled for another event too close to the start of your event as well in case the previous event runs late.

Will you accept last minute itinerary changes?
Sometimes things just have to change at the last second. I had a Wedding back in May where the Photography Location got rained out and it was impossible for photos to be done at that location. The wedding party had to switch locations on the spot and requested the limo driver take them to the Hotel instead to do the photos, this changed things. The company we were dealing with were very accommodating and worked well with the last minute change at no additional charge. If there are changes make sure you are aware of any additional charges.

What are your payment terms and cancellation policy? 

This should be absolutely one of the most important questions you need to ask. You need to know what is required of you and when payments would be due. Ask if the gratuity is included in the fee or if this is an additional charge?