We all know that weddings can be very expensive, with the average wedding cost falling between $20,000 – $30,000. It’s important to set a realistic budget based on the number of guests you are inviting from the get-go, and make sure that you stick to that amount throughout your wedding planning journey. It’s your wedding day yes, but you also don’t need to spend the first 3 years of your marriage being bombarded by crazy bill collectors because you maxed out too many of your credit cards and now can’t afford to pay more than just the interest on those cards with your minimum payment. One of the largest reasons couples divorce is due to the stress of money, don’t let this be you and your new hubby by being financially free.

Many people struggle with even keeping their own household budget and don’t carefully watch the flow of cash that is going out with deposits and payment schedules you need to know what’s going on and where you stand at all times. You need to set up a system and follow it, keep all of your receipts, look for the best deals and the most for your money, don’t ever be too impulsive when booking vendors or purchasing wedding items, there’s always something else that would work just as well for a fraction of the cost you were originally going to spend.

What you really need for tracking your wedding budget is some form of spreadsheet. Break your spreadsheet down into categories and then subcategories of each section. Make estimates of how much you think each category and subcategory is going to cost and then find out your actual costs as you go, filling them. I personally, use Excel to track all my wedding planning clients budgets, if you would like, you can look online for the formula codes to request that your spreadsheet automatically calculates the totals for you to save you time on your calculations. Update your budget every time you make a purchase or payment. You may not think that the $2.26 purchase at the dollar store is a big deal, but say you did that 10 more times, that’s $22.60 that has been taken out of your pre-planned budget, every little bit counts right?

I bet creating an entire spreadsheet with formulas and rows and columns sounds like a bit of a daunting task doesn’t it? What if I told you, I have already created one, complete with the categories, percentages and pre-set formula calculation codes already integrated into it for you, ready to use and start tracking right away? You would think that’s amazing wouldn’t you? You’re wondering how much is this going to cost me? Well guess what, it’s yours for FREE complete with full access to our other Wedding Planning Resources available in our Exclusive VIP Member’s Only section!

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