A bridal shower is a gift-giving party in which is held for a bride-to-be prior to her wedding. This custom originated back in the 1800’s and is still prominent in many countries as a traditional wedding custom. The Maid of Honour or really anyone from the bridesmaids to the mother of the bride to the mother of the groom can host the bridal shower as there are no strict customs that dictate who would traditionally host the shower, heck the bride can even host her own bridal shower. In any event, the hostess should definitely consult with the bride about the guest list, since shower guests should also be invited to the wedding. Men are not usually present at bridal showers.

During the Bridal Shower gifts are given to the bride, items such as lingerie, household items, and monetary gifts are given to assist the new couple with setting up their new home and life together. Modern bridal showers often have some type of party theme, such as  “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or “High Tea”  to name a couple, more on Bridal Shower Themes to come in a later post! Food at bridal showers is generally light sandwiches and small appetizer style foods to be nibbled on throughout the event.

Bridal showers don’t have any strict rules to follow, traditionally the Bridal party is held anywhere between two to eight weeks before the wedding, allowing the bride enough time to breathe before wedding day while also ensuring that majority of the wedding plans have been completed. So there you have it, there really are no rules, go with what you feel is best and shower on!

What are your Bridal Shower ideas and plans? I’d love to hear about them in the comments down below!