Aww, the Father-Daughter Dance, the moment where Daddy gets to take his little girls hand and dance with her, celebrating her new marriage. Daddy handed his baby girl to a man who will now be required to look after her just as he did for so many years. Father- Daughter dances always get me going with the waterworks. So beautiful seeing the love between father and daughter.

#1 – Tim McGraw – My Little Girl

#2 – Bob Carlisle – Butterfly Kisses (This is the one my dad has always sang to me when I was a little girl <3)

#3 – Brianna Haynes – Through My Father’s Eyes
#4 – Kenny Rogers – Hand Prints on the Wall
#5 – Heartland – I Loved Her First
#6 – Crystal Shawanda – You Can Let Go Now Daddy
#7 – Holly Dunn – Daddy’s Hands


#8 – Trisha Yearwood – She’s In Love With The Boy (The story of a father protecting his little girl, finally he realizes how happy she is and is accepting of her true love)
#9 – Elton John – Your Song
#10 – Carrie Underwood – Mama’s Song (For the ladies who grew up without their Daddy and their Mama took on both roles <3)


What’s your favourite Father-Daughter Song to be played at your wedding?