Want to add a few laughs and some fun into your reception? Below are a few ways to help incorporate your guests into the evening and have a fabulous time doing so!

Shake Shake Shake
Want the bride and groom to lock lips during the reception? Guests will have to do a little moving of their own in this wedding game we call, “Shake Shake Shake”.  Create a CD with a variety of fun and upbeat songs (Chicken Dance anyone?). Guests who want to see the newlyweds kiss will have to do a quick boogey on the dance floor! This is a great wedding game to play with a lively group of guests. Children can get involved too!

Feed Me, Feed Me
A marriage is all about teamwork. This incredibly funny game is perfect for the wedding reception and requires the new bride and groom to communicate and work together as a team. Starting with the bride sitting in a chair while the groom is blindfolded. Place a piece of banana into his hand and spin him around once. Now, listening only to the directions given by his new bride, he must make his way over to her and feed her the banana! Once he is successful, switch positions. This time, give the bride a nice yummy piece of wedding cake topped with whipped cream. How well will the groom do in guiding his bride to feed him?

Show Me Your Love
Instead of the traditional tapping on dishes to have the bride and groom kiss, this wedding game requires a little more effort from the guests.
As family and friends begin the classic wedding ritual of tapping on their dishes, have the MC announce a special twist to the night’s festivities. Since imitation is the best form of flattery, guests who would like to see the newlyweds lock lips must first come up and show everyone how the kiss is done. The newlyweds must then re-enact the same kiss! From the romantic peck on the hand to the fiery passionate hair tossing liplock, what will your guests brave to demonstrate?

Booklets Game
Come up with a question for each table, and put a mini booklet and pens for guests to add their ideas. Some suggestions:
What should we do on date nights?
What should we name our first child?
How should we celebrate our first anniversary?
What’s the secret to a happy marriage?
Or, place a booklet on each table that corresponds to the table number, and ask guests to write a message for you to read on that anniversary. No peeking until you hit each milestone!

Guess Who?
Create personalized boards featuring your wedding guests! You can build a mini set for each table, featuring the guests at that table, or create “bride’s side” and “groom’s side” versions, giving the bride’s side to the groom’s side and vice versa. This will help your guests learn each other’s names and faces. Bonus: Since you’re talking about real people, you can ask more personalized questions than just “does this person have a mustache?”

The Shoe Game
This hilarious game is a fantastic way for guests to get to know you better as you learn how much you and your spouse really know about each other. Place two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor. Both of you remove your shoes, then you trade a shoe with your new spouse so that you’re both holding one of each. Then, have a designated person ask questions about the two of you and your relationship.. After each question, hold up the shoe of the person you think has the best answer to the question.

Here are some sample questions:
1.Who is older?
2. Who has more siblings?
3. When you first met, who made the first move?
4. Who is the better driver?
5. Who has been in more car accidents?
6. Who studied the hardest in school?
7. Who got better grades in school?
8. Who is smarter?
9. Who is more creative?
10. Who is better at keeping surprises?
11. Who will be doing the cooking?
12. Who is more adventurous?
13. Who is more likely to get injured?
14. Who is more likely to get sunburned?
15. Who is more likely to be running late?
16. Who is the better dresser?
17. Who is better looking?
18. Who said I love you first?
19. Who starts the argument?
20. Who is first to say “I’m sorry?”
21. Who wears the pants in your relationship?
22. Who spends more money?
23. Who is going to pay the bills?
24. Who will be in control of the remote?
25. Who will be most likely to wake up grumpy?
26. Who is more likely to get lost?
27. Who is more likely to ask for directions?
28. Who is messier?
29. Who has the smelliest feet?
30. Right now, who do you love more than anyone in the world?
31. Who falls asleep first?

What are some of your favourite Wedding Games that you will be playing at your wedding? Let me know in the comments down below!