Oh the wonderful outdoor wedding! When you think of an outdoor wedding does the vision of  a bright beautiful sunny day, calm winds, all of your guests are smiling and laughing, enjoying every moment? Guess what that’s exactly the picture that can be painted if you ensure you cover a few small details. What!? More small details to add? No worries, that’s what you have your wedding planner for, to cover the small simple things that will help to allow your guests a much more enjoyable experience regardless of the season! (Don’t have a wedding planner? Get in touch with us, and let’s chat about what we can do for you)

If you are holding your wedding ceremony in the summer it may be a nice gesture to offer your guests water bottles or lemonade, elegant looking fans that match your theme (Great DIY project!), sunglasses or even parasols to shield from the sun. You can also put up a tent that would help to shield from any unwanted nature issues such as a glaring sun or light rain showers.  For evening wedding ceremonies and receptions you should always be conscious of bugs, such as the dreaded mosquito, nobody wants to go to a wedding wanting to claw their ankle off because of a bite. Provide your guests with mini bug repellents and surround the outdoor ceremony and reception areas with some sort of mosquito and bug repellent such as coils or citronella candles. Trust me your guests will definitely appreciate your saving their skin and sanity! It will also protect you, the bride from embarassing bug bites.

A great way to shield everyone from the cold is to offer soft and cozy blankets or shawls so that your guests will be able to hear you say “I Do” without all the teeth chattering. Also it may be a good idea to keep the ceremony short and sweet if being held on a late December evening! Perhaps so that your guests don’t think you are determined to give everyone pneumonia maybe offer your guests hot chocolate or cider in cute mugs with mittens to be enjoyed and keep your guests warm while the two of you say your vows
. Who doesn’t love a little hot chocolate and romance!?

Outdoor weddings always seem to have this dreaded fear that it’s going to rain on the day of the wedding. As a wedding planner it is my job to help you overcome that fear and we can come up with a rainy day plan B. If you absolutely have your heart set on an outdoor wedding I would advise to definitely consider renting a tent with some sort of flooring to prevent heels from sinking into the ground, or mud from rain creating a muddy disaster! My number one piece of advice is to have a back up indoor location just in case of any last minute weather changes or extreme weather that simply cannot be dealt with!