Hiring a photographer for your wedding day is one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding. Your photos are your memories, and you only get one chance to ensure that they are perfect! You want to make sure that this very important part of your wedding is very solidly taken care of and that your photographer knows exactly what they are doing. Today I will provide you with a few very important questions to ask your potential photographers during your initial meetings, before you book and sign on the dotted line!


1) How many weddings have you shot? 

You put a lot of time money and effort into planning your wedding. You want amazingly breathtaking photos. Something you will fall in love with over and over each time you look at them. Ask to see a portfolio, don’t be shy about asking for references. It’s important to have a photographer who is well experienced in the industry as your wedding photos will be the major keepsake of wedding day memories to be kept for years and years down the road. You wouldn’t want to have your wedding photos turn out to be a complete disaster. If you do decide you would like to give a less experienced photographer a shot, I would strongly recommend requesting a trial run or engagement shoot to gauge how the photographer would work with you. 

2) Do they have a back up plan in case something goes wrong? 

Unfortunately photographers are humans too and things can happen, they get sick, stuck in traffic, camera stops working the list can be endless for things that could happen. You always want to ensure that the photographer you choose has an adequate back up plan should any unforeseen circumstances arise. I would say the best back up plan in any case would be to have a back up photographer who would be able to cover if anything were to happen, as well as a back up list of other photographers that could be used last minute if necessary. 

3) What attire will the photographer be wearing? 

For instance, you wouldn’t want to have a black tie and gowns sort of affair while your photographer struts around in baggy jeans and a t-shirt. You also probably wouldn’t want the flip side, a casual wedding with the photographer dressed to the nines. You want you photographer to basically blend in with the crowd and go almost unseen throughout the event. Make sure your photographer is prepared to adapt to your theme or the formality of the event. 

4) What distinguishes them from other photographers? 

These days almost anyone can pick up a camera, learn a few lighting techniques, shoot some pictures and call themselves a photographer. You want someone is passionate about their work. Someone who not only does photography due to the hefty price tag they can attach. You want to know what makes them special. As a wedding planner, I constantly receive emails from photographers wanting to build relationships, I pick and choose my photographers wisely, based on their passion for their work, their experience and the way they work with their clients. 

5) Are there any additional fees and what exactly is included in my package? 

Many photographers charge an additional fee for extra hours or prints. You want to be clear and concise about what you will be receiving for your money. Many photographers no longer provide prints and will only provide a USB stick or DVD loaded with your proofs. Prints would tack on an additional cost. If you are hiring an out of area photographer, ensure you understand the additional travel fees that may added onto your total fee. 

6) What is your payment schedule? 

Always ensure that you understand the photographers payment schedule to make sure that you will be able to have payments made on specified dates. Every photographer is different. and ALWAYS make sure that there is a clear and understandable contract before you make any payments!