The Low Down on Catering - The Basics
When deciding on a venue and caterer it is important to take into consideration that many reception venue locations such as hotels, golf courses and banquet halls tend to insist that you use their catering services due to insurance liabilities.  These types of locations typically have pre-set menus in a variety of different price points to fit the needs of various clients. Depending upon amount of courses served, the price per person, and the formality of the food being served the prices will range. Simple rule of thumb, the swankier the dinner the more your should expect to pay for food and drink, so keep that in mind when choosing your menu.
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There are several courses that are usually served at wedding or very formal event, the following are some examples that you can choose to have at your own wedding.
-Cocktail hor deurves (hot or cold)
– Appetizers before the main meal
– soup or salad
– Main Course or courses some ethnicities may include up to 10 main courses
– Between course palate cleansers such as sorbet or fruit
– Dessert aside from the wedding cake
– Late night buffet
– Late night sweets table
A smaller reception may not include appetizers or a late night buffet and will only have a dinner followed by a dessert. Many couples are opting for cocktail style receptions which actually do tend to assist with cutting costs as the guests are not expecting a full course meal and will generally just nibble on passed hor’ deurves throughout the course of the evening this style of serving can include hot and cold hor d’oeurves and a dessert.
Most couples will choose one meat dish such as beef, pork or venison, a fowl dish such as chicken, turkey or duck, a seafood dish such as salmon, lobster or shrimp, and a vegetarian option such as pasta or a bean dish. If you wish to provide your guests with several options be prepared for elevated costs as the caterer needs to buy and prepare at least a few plates of every meal option. If you are on a tighter budget, I strongly advise that you limit your options to one or two choices to assist with having to buy extras of many different options and them ending up going to waste, and you end up paying for food that wasn’t even enjoyed by anyone. If you will be serving traditional ethnic foods that may be quite spicy or new to many of your guests, definitely make sure to provide at least one standard alternative option to cater to all of your guests tastes and ensure the enjoyment of everyone invited.
There’s a lot to think about when you are trying to feed anywhere between 50 and 400 people. You have many preferences to take into account. Work with your caterer to assist you with choosing the best selection to suit your needs and cater to your wedding vision. A little creativity can go a long way.
What are you planning to serve at your wedding? Will you take the traditional, formal route or put your own spin on the food and drink aspects of your wedding? Tell me about it in the comments below!
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