Hot Wedding Trend: Mismatched Bridesmaids

You love your ladies and they love you! It’s such an honour to be chosen as a bridesmaid. Over the years the typical bridesmaid trend was for each of your ladies to be wearing the same dress, shoes, accessories right down to the same hairstyle. Each of your ladies has their own personal style,  let them show it off a bit by mix and matching your bridesmaids.


You can do this a few ways, you can have all of your ladies in the same colour but each wearing a different dress that reflects their style in the same fabric. The bridesmaids could also all wear the same dress in various colours that are included in your wedding colour scheme. I’ve seen this work very well with pastels like blush, mint and soft yellows for a shabby chic themed wedding. If you want to go really outside the box you could also allow your bridesmaids to all wear differently styled and coloured dresses to show a little less formality and the flare for fun.

mismatched bridesmaids

mismatched 2

mismatched 3

mismatched 4

mismatched 5