Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

I truly am an absolute passionate lover of all things vintage! Take me back to the era between the 1920’s to the 1950’s and I am in all my glory! The 2013 motion picture “The Great Gatsby” has been a strong influence for a very popular wedding theme for couples over the last couple of years. The Great Gatsby is exclusively known for his elaborate parties. Set in the early 1920’s providing a vintage atmosphere. Your bridesmaids wearing short above the knee-length flapper dresses featuring embroidery, sequins and beading in intricate geometric designs. The groomsmen in custom tailored tuxedos including the vest and suspenders to show the look of luxury, perhaps they can carry canes? (These would make for some fun memorable pictures!)

Art Deco is characterized by smooth lines and geometric shapes with bright or bold colours often accentuated with costly pieces such as crystals, silver and golds, and other expensive pieces to create the look of luxury and an amazing taste for style and design. Zigzagged, triangular shapes, chevron patterns, stepped forms, sweeping curves and sunburst motifs are usually seen when this theme and wedding design is used.

black and gold

To create your own fabulous Great Gatsby Themed Wedding it’s really up to you how elaborate you want to take it, with Gatsby there really is no boundaries! Use a colour palette of bright, bold colours, black and a strong metallic such as gold, softening the whole look with a softer ivory or white. You can use an array of items, anything coloured gold looks more expensive. A black, white and gold colour scheme has you well on you well to making the statement of being rich and luxurious. Find a wedding venue that already offers an art deco atmosphere and use this to your advantage! Ostrich feather centerpieces look spectacular as well as being guest friendly as they’re typically taller and enable guests to see around them rather than having them in the way.

Look online for free printables and templates to get your wedding stationary and signage. You may have a few more DIY projects but the less you spend the better right? You can fake it you know, and your guests will never be able to tell the difference. Here’s a tip: Some gold glitter and some Mod Podge could darn well be you two best friends when hosting a Gatsby themed wedding, you can glitz and glam up just about anything with those two items! The dollar store and your local craft store will be the most amazing places in the world oh, and PINTEREST! Actually, I have created a Great Gatsby Wedding Theme pinterest board for you to follow to get some great ideas of what to do for your Great Gatsby Themed Wedding! 

To get the party started serve your guests some classy cocktails and always have champagne circulating the room better yet, a champagne tower! How’s that for elaborate! Go for a cocktail style reception as this helps to ensure that all your guests join in on the fun and dancing as there is typically only enough seating for about a third of the guest, circulate hors d’oeuveres, think small bites that can fit on a cocktail plate or napkin and can be eaten easily, but still look divine. Add a fun self-serve dessert bar with macarons, cupcakes, whipped desserts, add little name tags for a classy touch. Remember the classier and more elegant it looks, the better, there are absolutely no limits here. Those gorgeous sequined table cloths? Go for it! The enormous candelabras for each table, you got it, string some dollar store pearls around the backs of the guests chairs, have gorgeous gold charger plates, with black dinner plates and you have created an absolutely stunning tablescape.

photo booth props

Don’t forget the photo booth! Every wedding should have a photo booth! It’s fun for the guests to be able to dress up and act silly with the props provided. Many companies offer photo booth rentals specifically with wedding packages which also allow the couple to keep a copy of all the photos taken in the photo booth. This gives them the opportunity to get a picture of all their guests, Another popular trend is a video booth that is used as a guestbook, each guest records a short video for the couple to watch and keep as a keepsake. Oh, my how modern technology has changed the traditional guest book. I love it though, what a fabulous idea!

Want more inspiration for hosting your own Great Gatsby themed wedding follow my Pinterest Board!