Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Traditional Wedding Invitations require a lot of time and care. There are specific formalities that should be followed when addressing your wedding invitations to you guests. As your local wedding planner, I have compiled some traditional Wedding Invitation Etiquette, today we will be mainly focusing on how you should formally address your guests names and the way you should write out your invitations.
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When writing the wording of your invitation you must write out the entire word for times, and dates.  Words such as street, post office box and apartment should all be written out in their full form rather than the abbreviations

When addressing the guests the invitation is intended for you should write out the guest’s entire name. This is where the trickier part begins,  you should address married couples as “Mr and Mrs” followed by the husband’s first and last names. (Example; “Mr and Mrs John Smith”) It is also fine to list both full names when a woman has chosen to keep her maiden name,  the names are then written in alphabetical order. (Example; “Mr John Smith and Mrs Maria Watson”) For an unmarried couple you would write their names on two separate lines.  (Example; “John Smith” write “and” on a separate line and then on another line “Maria Watson”)



Titles are important when addressing your guests. If a wife is a doctor her full name comes first followed by her husband’s name.  (Example; “Dr Tara Smith and Mr John Smith”) If the husband is the doctor then his name us listed first followed by his wife. (Example; “Dr John Smith and Mrs Tara Smith”) When addressing a single woman she should be addressed as Ms unless she is under the age of 18, you would then address her as Miss.

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When designing your invitation please keep in mind that it is not proper etiquette to list that the event does not allow children. Your invitation should assist with giving your guests a clue how formal the wedding will be and assist them with knowing what attire to wear.

As you can see there are many technicalities when it comes to Wedding Invitation writing. I will continue to post more etiquette tips for you when it comes to writing out your wedding invitations in a couple of later posts, so stay tuned!