Vintage! What comes to mind when someone mentions vintage? Some people may think old , dated and something that is never supposed to be seen again aside from inside their grandmother’s house. A lot of my vintage inspiration comes from movies and old TV shows old classics or set in the late 40’s and 50’s, the old cliché of a love story “The Notebook” and “Water for Elephants” to name a couple. I also have an absolute addiction to vintage bone china tea cups by Royal Prince Albert, they are exquisitely beautiful and are a fabulous way to set the mood for an afternoon tea style wedding with pastel coloured macaroons! To me vintage is simply beautiful when used appropriately and can really help to tell a story or show the personalities of the bride and groom.

Admittedly, I am a die-hard fan of pretty much anything vintage from old mason jars used for almost anything (oh the wonders of the mason jar, not just for gramma’s freezer jam anymore!), the fashion style was absolutely adorable back in the mid 40’s with knee length dresses with pincurls, the men, even the lower class look so sophisticated in their slacks, collared shirts and suspenders and paper boy hat. My grandfather is an avid collector of many vintage pieces, ranging between suitcases, light fixtures, furniture and chairs, oh the chairs! Perhaps I’ll have to see if I could use those many chairs to assist in a future event, put those many mismatched chairs to good use sometime!

 You see that’s one of the best parts about a vintage theme, not everything has to match exact, you can put multiple colours and patterns together and still create a fabulous look. You have to know the limit though, use too much and you will end up with something that looks like the nearest thrift shop or barn auction. Burlap and lace go very well together and are a fantastic way to inexpensively accentuate the design without over doing it, as well as picture frames and antique items such as an old typewriter to be used as the guest book, allowing each guest to type their own wishes to the newlywed couple that can be created into a beautiful keepsake for the couple. My personal preference is being able to host a vintage themed wedding in an outdoor setting and mismatched tables and chairs, with strings of lights throughout the setting, alongside a wooden dance floor with a live band playing Swing music for everyone to get up and boogie to. Typically, soft colours such as cream, peach, and other pastels are often used in the colour scheme. Nature tends to provide excellent pieces to be used in the décor, such as trees, branches and wildflowers. Daisies for example, are one of the simplest of flowers you could use to accent the décor and save on costs of more extravagant flowers.

               The photo booth is a fantastic addition to a vintage themed wedding, as it is something truly enjoyable for the guests to participate in with a great little keepsake to take home. Throw in a few vintage style hats, some silly moustache’s, glasses, a few vintage style large photo frames  and a few cardboard words or phrases to be used as photo props.  When doing vintage style photography, I absolutely love the way photos look in black and white or sepia, I feel this helps to accentuate the desired overall vintage feel of the wedding, also considering they didn’t have colour photos in the 40’s as of yet.


Vintage is becoming a major growing trend in wedding themes, also well- known as Shabby Chic. Many couples have decided to embark on the vintage theme for their wedding, either due to the way the look caters to all ages, it tends to be rather simple to find pieces at either thrift shops at a great price or you can also ask around in the family and have vintage pieces donated to be used in your wedding. A vintage theme is fantastic for any budget as you can use minimal décor to create the desired look or making it extensively elaborate including an old farmhouse and barn, décor beyond belief and a 1940’s Cadillac bride and groom get-away car with tin cans tied to the bumper (check with your local municipality to see if cans are allowed). Regardless of your budget, vintage is a fabulous go-to theme, and I myself have a personal flair and vintage appeal to help create your wedding day dream!