I see so many couples spend countless unnecessary dollars on tiny aspects of their wedding. When in actuality they could implement a few of the money saving ideas listed below. This is your wedding, your once in a lifetime day, but that doesn’t mean it have to leave you and your spouse suffocating in a mountain of debt. Afterall, the wedding is about how much you love each other, not the materialistic aspects.

1) Rank your priorities from most important to least important, that way as you plan you can eliminate some of the least important aspects you had originally thought were important.
2) Track your spending, using some form of tracking, notebook and pen, spreadsheet (I personally use spreadsheets for budgeting)
3) Manage your guest list! A large guest list will without a doubt tack on large amounts of money quickly!
4) Try to schedule your wedding during off-peak wedding season (October-March, holidays exempted) There are usually fewer weddings during these months meaning vendors tend to be slightly more flexible with negotiations.
5) Having a small and intimate wedding? Why not inquire with a family member with a large home and backyard to use their home as your reception venue in the backyard and create a Garden Wedding Theme!
6) Live in a big city? Weddings are automatically more expensive! Take things outside of the city and you will definitely see a price difference!
7) When looking at venues find a venue that offers other services such as DJ, Cake, Linens, Food and Alcohol, Lighting, Etc) Bundled packages are definitely a money saver not to mention it’s much more convenient to have less vendor points of contact.
8) Bargain Hunt! There’s nothing like impulse buying and then shopping a week later to find the exact same item substantially cheaper!
9) Do your research.
10) When planning, don’t try to please every single one of your family members, this your day, not theirs, if you really want to, don’t do anything that’s truly going to either break the bank or take away from something that you or your fiance want.
11) When it comes to decor and attire, BORROW! It’s part of the wedding anyways, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” and borrowing is Free!
12) Is the DJ going to take your budget way out of line? Why not consider a great sound system, preset with your favourite songs for the entire reception! Recruit a close friend to man the sound system.
13) Want to have wedding in a country barn, all the “wedding venue barns” just seem so outrageously expensive? Try asking a friendly farmer and his wife out in the country if you could rent their space for the day advising that you would take care of licensing and permits (which are reasonably priced)
14) Skip the traditional wedding dinner and serve a wedding brunch! People are less inclined to drink as heavy in the early afternoon
15) Make your own favours
16) Get a Candy Buffet Table and let it double as the wedding favours! They make great decor focal points when decorated!
17) Skip the traditional elaborate wedding cake and replace it with a dessert tray!
18) Think Second hand! Not everything has to be brand new
19) DIY is not always as cost effective, sometimes the supplies and time and energy necessary is not always the best option, this varies though depending on what you are DIYing.
20) Hire a Aisle Do, Weddings and Events, as a wedding planner it my job to guide you through the planning process, help to manage your budget and deal with the many vendors that you will meet along the way!

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