Sometimes I wonder why so many brides seem to get the notion that when hiring a wedding planner they are going to lose complete control of planning the wedding? That is not nearly anywhere near the truth, wedding planners are there to guide, to manage, and who help figure out many different options available to the bride to help fit her dreams as well as her husband’s. As a wedding planner I completely understand that this is not my day, this is the bride and groom’s special day or once in a lifetime moment they deserve to have exactly what they wanted not what I wanted. I always make sure that any sort of decisions made are always went over with the bride and groom before finalized, in saying that I always make sure that I provide a couple more than one option.

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It is my strong personal belief that the wedding planner should have many different elements and be flexible enough to deal with any sort of request made by the bride and groom. Hiring a wedding planner is often your ticket in to getting discounted rates on several different vendors that you may require for your wedding day. wedding planners often have a list of preferred vendors that they have previously worked with and have already negotiated discounted rates in return for client referral a wedding planner always will have other clients unfortunately, well fortunately, you will only have only one wedding!

A good wedding planner will take your dreams and will do everything possible to recreate your vision within your budget. We literally take your ideas and group them together, often taking elaborate over the top ideas and use their resources to find things that would fit your budget. Nothing is ever finalized without the couples approval! Again, this is your day, not mine, I would much prefer to fulfill my clients wishes, rather than go ahead and create my wedding vision and it not be what my clients desired. A happy client, makes a happy wedding planner!

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