Macarons & Mint - Local Vendor Feature
Macarons are always so appealing to the eye, available in a wide array of beautiful colours. They provide an elegant vintage type of vibe.They are fabulous to give as gifts or even to use as a decoration option that matches your colour scheme.

Macarons & Mint was founded in August of 2014, Gwen specializes in gluten free, reduced sugar French Macarons (pronounce Mack-ah-rons), her macarons look absolutely exquisite and taste so yummy it’s insane!

Small Macarons Gift Box

Macarons & Minr offers a wide range of pricing options to work with you for any occasion or event, conveniently located in Toronto at Bayview and Sheppard.

The delicious center! Scrumptious/!

Macarons & Mint Pricing Options
1) Bulk orders start at 100 macarons, contact Macarons & Mint for a quote
2) Macarons favour box for weddings and events (includes clear box, ribbon bow, and 2 macarons) $4.50
3) Large Macarons Gift Box (12 macarons in 3 flavours) $21.00
4) Small Macarons Gift Box (6 macarons in 2 flavour) $13.00

Macarons & Mint Favour Box

Macrons & Mint’s macarons come in a wide variety of flavours such as chocolate, pistachio, matcha green tea, and the very popular Montella (Cinammon and Nutella) These macarons are melt in your mouth delicious!

“Montella” – Cinnamon and Nutella Filling

Make sure you contact Macarons & Mint for your next event! Your guests will truly appreciate both the beautiful display of yummy coolies and the sweet treat they get after.

Contact Macarons & Mint
Phone: (647) 996-4936