Questions to Ask at a Meeting With a Venue
You want to make sure that the venue that you choose to hold your wedding reception guarantees the best quality of service to you and your guests. There are many important factors you want to take into account before you go ahead and sign on the dotted line.  I have compiled some important things you should ask a venue when making the decision of hiring a venue for your wedding.
1) What is the maximum capacity of people for each room available for rent?
You want to make sure that the venue can accommodate your guest list, otherwise it doesn’t make very much sense to even consider the venue as an option.
2) Are there nearby hotels for guests to stay at? Does the hotel or venue offer shuttle service from the venue? 
It’s important that your guests have the option of staying at a nearby hotel in the event that they have drank too much and cannot drive themselves home.
3) Do you allow outside vendors or do we have to stay within the venue’s preferred vendors?
Most venues are open to working with outside vendors,  although you may come across a venue or two who only allow vendors under their umbrella to work within their space, sometimes due to insurance liabilities.
Royal York Hotel – Toronto
4) What sort of services are provided and what are your package options? 
Many venues have become a one stop shop providing services for many aspects of the wedding such as catering, dj, cake and decor.  Many packages do not include elaborate decorating so if you want to add a little more pizzazz you would need to hire a decorator.  Most venues have three packages, lower budget, average budget and a higher budget.  Knowing what’s available to you will assist you in making a decision on which venue to choose.
5) Will there be any other events held in the same space on the day before? 
Knowing this information is important as you should know if you would be able to come into the space the day before to start decorating.
6) Do you provide an onsite coordinator?
Even if you have a wedding planner it is nice to know if there will be a representative of the venue that will be able to oversee the day and ensure all runs smoothly. This takes more weight off of your shoulders on Day-Of knowing that everything is well taken care of by a professional.
7) Who is responsible for clean up after the event?
Some venues expect the clients to ensure that the space is put back exactly as it was at the end of the night. Of course, the bride and groom typically don’t handle this but they will need to recruit some help with this task if necessary.
Fantasy Farm – Toronto
8) What sort of payment plans do you offer? 
Every venue is a little bit different on how they accept payment,  you need to make sure you understand their payment requirements before signing any documents!
9) Do guests have access to the outside grounds and can any alcoholic beverages be taken outside to a patio?  Do they have any sort of heat lamps or other amenities to increase guests level of comfort?
It’s nice for your guests to have the opportunity to mingle outside in the fresh air,  especially in the warmer months. Many venues can be hot and stuffy and guests love to be able to take a breather outdoors, also this accommodates the smokers even if you’re not a smoker yourself it’s nice to keep their comfort in mind.