Tips To Avoid a Post Wedding Hangover

You want to have a fantastic time at your wedding and be able to drink and party the night away with all your favourite friends and family, but you have a Morning After The Wedding Brunch with all of your closest family members and you would like to not have a headache that could kill a horse or a stomach that turns when they put the eggs out on the table. Well, fear not, here are a few things you can try to help avoid a hangover the next day. I personally have tested many of these options and have most to be very effective in avoiding a lasting hangover…

Hangover Kit – Water, Advil, Tums, Hand Sanitizer, Crackers

1) Make sure that you eat small snacks with protein and carbs throughout the day to ensure a full stomach, especially if your morning starts off with a champagne toast or Mimosa’s with the girls while getting ready,
2) Keep well hydrated all day, but don’t over do it, you don’t want to running to the bathroom every 10 minutes on Wedding Day
3) Avoid sugary drinks, sugar can amplify the effects of a hangover.
4) During the evening you can opt to only drink non-alcoholic beverages and avoid the morning after hangover entirely.
5) Don’t want to forgo the alcoholic beverages? Why not alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the evening?
6) When you get back to your hotel room, take an Advil and drink a glass or two of water to assist with preventing dehydration, coconut water and Gatorade are also fabulous options, and then go to sleep, drink more water when you wake up and you can take another Advil and go back to sleep allowing your body’s immune system to repair the damage you inflicted upon it.
7) Eat a nice sized meal before you go to sleep, something like pizza or a sandwich, some crackers, anything to assist with absorbing the alcohol.
8) Consummate the marriage again in the morning, orgasms release dopamine which relieves pain and tension within the body.
9) Consume foods rich with antioxidants to assist your body in fighting back against the effects of the alcohol.
10) You can also try loading up on a greasy fast food burger, I am unsure of why, but I always find that a Big Mac from McDonald’s is always the cure, I can’t manage to keep down anything else but that McDonald’s burger stays put.