Why Hire Aisle Do, Weddings & Events?

There are so many myths about what a wedding planner really does. Perhaps you’ve been told that having a wedding planner will take all the fun out of planning your wedding. Maybe you’ve heard you don’t need a wedding planner because your friends and family will help or you already have a “venue coordinator“. (Click here to learn more about the difference between a “wedding planner” and a “venue coordinator”) You probably believe that you can’t hire a planner because you’re working within a tight budget and can’t afford an additional expense. This is the myth that I hear the most, that wedding planners are just too expensive, you see the thing about myths is that they’re really isn’t much truth to them. Here are the facts about what a wedding planner can do for you! 

Hiring a Wedding Planner WILL Save You Time and Money 
As a professional in the wedding industry, I know this business inside and out. I know when you’re getting a good deal or when a vendor is just not being honest about the value of their services and over charging for their services. It’s an unfortunate truth that there are some people in the wedding business who are more interested in emptying your wallet than giving you quality work.  A knowledgeable planner will screen your vendors and make sure your money is well spent. A wedding planner may also be able to negotiate add on’s or discounts as the vendor many be interested in future referrals from the planner or already have a close working relationship with the vendor. This is turn results in saving you money in your budget to allocate elsewhere.

A Good Wedding Planner Makes Sure You Stay Within Your Budget 
I can’t say this enough: a great wedding planner will always work within your budget and keep you within your budget with the honest truth of what your dreams and your budget will allow. Suggesting other alternatives if your vision is too elaborate for the designated amount in return still delivering your dream. At Aisle Do, Weddings and Events it’s my mission to ensure that you don’t overspend as well as creating your most romantic of fantasies. I completely understand how easy it is for costs to get out of control. Especially with a larger guest list. One dollar for a favour may not seem like much but once you add on tax and boxes or bags for each you’re well over $400.00 just for wedding favours for a guest list of 250 people. It’s my job to make sure you get your dream wedding without breaking the bank.

A Wedding Planner Will Help Solve Creative Differences 
Your wedding party may have great taste, but it might not be your taste. Maybe your mother’s always seen you arriving in a horse-drawn carriage in a dress fit for a princess, but all you’ve ever wanted is to roll up on your fiancé’s Harley with your hair blowing in the wind. Whatever your style may be, a wedding planner can help solve ‘creative differences’ that can make planning a wedding stressful. I’m happy to step in and remind everyone that this is your day to make sure you and your husband-to-be get exactly what you want. 
You know you can count on your friends and family for anything, but even the most dependable bridesmaid may run into unforeseen circumstances. Emotions can run high when you’re planning a wedding. As a professional wedding planner I am trained in dealing with emotional outbursts and problem solving skills. A wedding planner will take stress off both you and your loved ones so you can all enjoy your big day together. 

A Good Wedding Planner Takes Your Dreams and Makes Them Come True 
Aisle Do, Weddings and Events takes business seriously. I believe your wedding should be all about you, your husband, and the love you share. I’ll make sure your wedding is truly yours, from the flowers on the table to the frosting on the cake. Just think of me as your personal Fairy Godmother. I’ll take your unique vision of the Perfect Wedding and make it a reality.