Make Your Wedding Look and Feel More Luxurious For Free

In a world of fancy and materialistic things, it can be easy to end up being wrapped up in the need to make these things a necessity for your wedding, If you really want to glam up your venue and make it feel much more luxurious, even though you don’t really have the wedding budget to support these dreams, don’t worry!. I’ve got four ways you can make your wedding look and feel fancier for free. With a little imagination, some pinterest pinning and a few borrowed items you can make it happen! 

Shop in your own home 
Look for pieces that will add some glam to your venue, escort card table, ceremony altar, and add comfort and luxury to guests’ experiences, can be found in your closets and living room.
Want a big frame for a large photo of your and fiance to display at the front of the venue? Do you have a large photo on the wall somewhere in your home, take it down, and use the frame instead of buying a new frame and having to find something to do with your new one afterwards. Also, a few well-placed pieces of furniture around the dance floor, and some candles can enhance your setting without adding any cost. We all know many of us have a bag of white tea light candles kickin’ around somewhere in a drawer or cupboard, why not pull those out and get them used rather than collecting dust since you haven’t lit one in over 4 months. 

Use items from the great outdoors. 
Your very own garden offers the perfect opportunity to decorate at no cost to you, you can pick some floral blossoms to tuck into the napkins, use potted herb plants as centerpieces, or pluck some fruit from your fruit tree and add a place card. There are so many possibilities depending what you have in your garden. Go on a hiking trip with your fiance and see what you can find. Having a beach themed wedding? Take a walk on the beach to get some sand and beautiful pebbles, a trip to your local dollar or craft store and  you can purchase sea shells at a decent price. Ask your friends, you would be surprised how many people have a bag or basket of shells in their home they may be willing to lend you for your wedding. 

Exit in a borrowed family member’s car.
You don’t have to rent a Rolls Royce to make an impact (even though it’s oh so tempting) perhaps you, a friend or family member already own a really nice car, does your cousin own a Maxima 2014 or maybe your Uncle Fred is lover of old antique cars and has a couple of his prized cars in his garage in perfect working order? Perhaps they’ll be willing to let you use their car and even be your chauffeur to the airport instead of departing in a limo or your own old beat up Honda 😉
Borrow from friends and family. 
You’ve searched high and low in your own home and didn’t seem to find much in the way of decor items for your wedding?  You can try asking your friends and colleagues if they have any items that you can borrow to assist with decorating your venue. People are naturally inclined to want to help, especially if they love you and want to help all your dreams come true. Set a date and go shopping at a friend’s place.
What are some ways that you can think of to help save money on your wedding and not break the bank but still wow your guests when they walk into your Ceremony or Reception? Comment your tips below!