Theme Inspiration - The Notebook
Ahh, The Notebook, the timeless classic, take your wedding day back in time with this cute and oh so romantic vintage theme. Who doesn’t love an amazing romance? The undying love that Noah and Allie had for one another after all those years, nothing was ever able to break them apart even another’s love couldn’t take Allie away from her dearly beloved first true love Noah. What a fabulous way to represent the unbreakable bond you have for your lover.
To pull this theme off consider a late Summer wedding that can be held outdoors, if you want to get real into it, maybe by a lake or perhaps you can host your wedding at Windermere House located in Muskoka, Ontario overlooking Lake Rosseau. This venue speaks to me, I could totally envision Noah and Allie getting married in a place such as this and so could you! You can have your wedding party dress in 1950’s Era style outfits, the boys in white shirts with suspenders and Khaki coloured dress pants and your ladies dressed in knee length flirty dresses. Incorporate the best declarations of love from the movie into your vows as an extra sweet little touch. Here’s a fabulously unique idea, have your wedding planner look into renting a few swans to walk the grounds to represent Noah and Allie’s boat ride on the lake.
Decor wise you can add in some chalkboards with your favourite quotes from the movie at each table beside your centerpieces. Stick with a soft palette such as champagne, ivory, blush, or tiffany blue to name a few. Use lace and burlap accents and hunny you have yourself a beautiful wedding! Got the money to spend? Go ahead and rent that vintage Rolls Royce  to really wow your guests and take your theme a little deeper back in time. Get your DJ to play some 40’s and 50’s sock hop music, and look up the soundtrack from the notebook and use those songs. (see below)
You could tie the whole theme in by having The Notebook Style Engagement photos done such as the ones below. Send out Save the Dates with your engagement photos on them. Enlarge a few of your favourite ones to use as framed photos on your wedding day. Instead of a guest book have your guests write you cute little love letters to be put in a vintage mail box!

DIY project alert! You can make a bundle of letters to be placed on your guest book table as a symbol of the 365 love letters Noah wrote to Allie. In fact, many of your decor items could be easily done as DIY projects provided you give yourself several  months in advance so as not to overwhelm yourself closer to wedding day. Pinterest is a great place to get some ideas! Follow my “The Notebook Themed Wedding Inspiration Board“. You can also follow us on Pinterest

What is your favourite wedding theme? Comment and let us know!