Wedding Gown Styles
It’s every girl’s fantasy, the one aspect that always takes center stage of the wedding. That one very special item is yupp, you guessed it, the wedding gown! Many brides appreciate having assistance and opinions from their loved one when picking out her gown for the big day. Deciding on the type of style neckline and fit you are looking for is definitely the first thing you should consider. Perhaps try one on of each type of style to see what flatters your body type and shape the best, you want to feel confident and comfortable in your dress.

There are a few styles of necklines you can choose from that each fit a different way providing you with varying degrees of frontal coverage. Some of the most common are:

Jewel: A rounded neckline that encircles the base of the neck, creating a high neckline. (Great for women with smaller busts)

Halter: This features bare shoulders and back with two straps that tie or fasten at the back of the neck. (Typically not the most flattering on larger busted girls)

Bateau (Boat Neck): This neckline is gently curve and sits by the collarbone. (Minimizes attention at the bustline, fabulous for larger breasted ladies to assist with keeping the girls in check)

Off the Shoulder: Just that, the sleeves sit on either side just below the shoulders. (Note to brides interested in this style, the sleeves can be a little restricting for hugs and dancing, check that you can lift your arms easily in this style)

One Shoulder (Asymmetrical): This style features a strap on one shoulder and a bare shoulder on the other.

Queen Anne: The back of this style reaches all the way to the top of the neck, while the front dips into the bust. (Fabulous style for any body shape)

Square: The shape basically says it all, the neckline doesn’t plunge towards the bust and offers a straight square line above the bust.

V-neck: The widest part of the neckline is at the collar and dives to a point low into the bust. (Great for larger busted, and hour glass figures)

Strapless: This style leaves the shoulder and collar area completely bare.

Sweetheart: This style dips into a heart shape at the bust line. It can have straps or no straps, a modest way to be able to accentuate your cleavage.

Now that we have covered the many different types of neckline styles there’s also a few different silhouette shapes that should be taken into consideration. Many ladies often jump to the great big huge Cinderella style princess gown, unfortunately, not all body types or wedding themes suit that big huge ball gown style, so here are a few of the options that are out there:

The Ball Gown: This highly formal style will be a dramatic showstopper when you enter the room. Providing you with the classic princess look. This style features a fitted corset style bodice, which ends at the waist or just slightly below the waist, finishing with a full skirt. These gowns are often quite heavy to wear, but look great on most brides, however is not recommended for shorter waisted brides.

The A-Line: This style features a fitted bust line the panels of the gown flow into an “A”, essentially flowing away from the body with no defined waist area. A great option for any body type.

Sheath: This style provides a slim and sexy silhouette. Using light fabrics like chiffon or silk which softly hugs the body to enhance a fabulous figure, This style is flattering on petite and well proportioned women.

Mermaid: This style showcases every curve and clings tightly to the body which is very fitted to the knees and flares down to the hhemline, providing the look of a mermaids tail.

Empire: The empire style creates the illusion of a larger bust by creating a fake waistline just beneath the bust line where the fabric then flows out to the hemline. This gown is great for creating the illusion of height and hides the lower half quite nicely

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