Have You Considered... A Fall Wedding?

This past weekend around here in Toronto was a rather wet and chilly one, definitely giving us a taste of the season to come, Fall, my favourite season, because well… pumpkin spice everything! I’ve been wallowing in the smell of sweet Pumpkin Roll, wafting from my Scentsy warmer, setting the mood.

When you’re newly engaged or beginning to wedding plan, so many couples so quickly jump to an outdoor summer wedding, of the weather is always a factor no matter what the season, but summer weddings can tend to get a little on the expensive side as summer prime time for weddings, in turn vendors typically will hike up their pricing as availability is often limited and booked far in advance. In turn, this results in an average cost of at least $10-$25 more per person.

Have you considered hosting a fall wedding? The changes of life in the air, the many beautiful colours of nature, to me fall gives me the feeling of romance personally because of the warm colours. The chilly but warm cozy nights, sitting outside around the fire with the love of your life drinking a hot cup of cocoa.  When I think of fall I picture the radiant oranges and yellows, browns and bright reds, so as our side of the world prepares to get cold, I feel the last burst of warmth in the visual magnificent display of mother nature’s paintbrush. All the farmers getting ready for Harvest, providing us with all the necessary ingredients for warm baked apple pie. (There’s an idea, for the dessert menu, to tie the season into a theme) Fall offers a beautiful rustic approach with a glorious background for photographs. Your white wedding dress would absolutely pop in your photos against the warm yellows, browns and oranges.

Perhaps consider renting a barn or ranch and to hold your reception in. You can rent long rectangular tables, or if you want to go real casual and apply an even more rustic approach you could even use picnic tables. For your decor, yes, burlap and lace is still a huge wedding trend. Many say it is time to lay it rest but personally, I feel that the look is so simplistic but definitely can be a cost effective wedding decor option. Many farms might even possibly allow you to use their supply of hay as Wedding decor as well, it’s all about who you ask! You could hang strings of small fairy lights draping across the room from the exposed rafters of the barn. Simple items can be used as decor, nature provides you with lots and lots of branches, leaves and twigs that can be used to create amazing DIY projects,, using Mason jars, wild flowers, mums, and cornflowers to bring some colour into the whole decor scheme. Holding the reception in the barn will give you the option to keep the entire event inside if need be due to Mother Nature’s unpredictability, but also allows you to extend the party outdoors if the weather is favourable.
The main concern for a fall wedding is that the weather can be extremely unpredictable. There are so many options to actually use the rain in your favour for your wedding photos provided that you are properly prepared for rainy day photos. Rain boots and umbrellas anyone? If this is the look you’re going for from the start then as Luke Bryan says “Rain is a good thing!”

Fall is the season of giving and the beginning of all the wonderful festivities of family gatherings for meals for Thanksgiving, outings to the apple orchard to pick apples with the little ones, a crisp ride on a hay wagon through an old country road. There are so many possibilities with this fabulous season aside from the fact it’s “”off-wedding-season” which means vendors will cut their costs and are much more willing to negotiate their rates and packages with you.

Now, I’m off to enjoy some scrumptious cinnamon apple crisp that has been baking in my oven as I wrote this post. It might not be quite fall yet, but boy oh boy it sure feels like it this weekend! I’m ready for the boots and warm sweater kind of weather!

With Love,
Keep Warm xoxo