You’ve paid all of your vendors and are now waiting for the Day Of for them to provide you with the services you’ve requested. We all know that when you go to a bar or a restaurant it is proper etiquette to provide your waitress or bartender a tip for providing you with a service throughout your outing. It is also important to tip your vendors for the services you have received from them.

Tips for Tipping Your Vendors


 The standard percentage for a tip is 15% of the total cost. If you feel the service could have been a bit better than the service you were delivered, the a 10% tip would be appropriate. If you received absolutely exceptional service and you truly loved every aspect, then a 20% tip will show how much you appreciated the services delivered and expresses your thanks.

Some vendors may actually have the tip or gratuity already worked into their fee. It is a good idea to check with your vendors and find out whether or not the gratuity is already calculated. You wouldn;t want to end up tipping someone twice! Personally, I don’t really like this option as I feel it doesn’t allow their clients to decide on how much of a tip they would like to provide based upon the service in which they were delivered. I somewhat feel that this approach seems a little to pushy and too expectant of a tip. Yes, providing a tip is good etiquette any where in which you receive a service, but no, I do not feel that they are mandatory. I view a tip as a reward for a job well done and even more special when they are not expected, again that’s my opinion.

A general rule of thumb for when to give your vendor a tip is right after you receive your service. Have an envelope put aside for each vendor with their tips inside, you can use cash and give or take from the envelopes for each vendor depending upon how satisfied you are by the service you have received. You can delegate a member of your wedding party to give the vendors their envelopes. This is also a task that Cassandra at Aisle Do looks after for you on wedding day.

Vendors Who Should Be Tipped 


  • Hair  Stylist
  • Make Up Artist
  • Limo (Chauffeur)
  • Musicians
  • DJ
  • Church Caretaker (something small as a thank you)
  • Valet Parking attendants
  • Venue
  • Caterer
  • Bartender
  • Wedding Planner