The Importance of Having a Back Up Plan on Wedding Day

You’ve planned your wedding right down to the finest detail, you expect everything to go exactly as you had imagined with zero bumps in the road. Of course, this would be ideal although unfortunately that’s not usually the case. Weddings involve a lot of different people who come together to create your day. Sadly you can’t always count on everyone and sometimes a problem will arise last minute.  Mother Nature definitely has a tendency to make her mark on wedding day unfortunately, which is one of the many reasons why it oh so very important to always have a back up plan….

Having a back up plan allows you to easily switch to Plan B if the original plan cannot be executed.  Something such as an outdoor photography shoot should definitely have an indoor option as well in case the weather decides to put a damper on your plans.

What would you do if your officiant didn’t end up showing up and no one can reach them? It’s always a good idea to at least contact someone else in advance and see if they’re available on your date.Your photographer is extremely ill and cannot make it to your wedding.  Do you have a backup or did you ensure your photographer has a backup photographer before you hired them?

What do you do if your DJ doesn’t show up? It’s a good idea to have an Ipod or Mp3 player loaded with all your favourite wedding songs along with a list that helps direct your recruited Best Man DJ!

Say “I Don’t” To Wedding Stress…!

It’s always a good idea to pack a wedding emergency kit full of things you just might need on wedding day. Things like a stain remover stick,  extra hair pins, a sewing kit, bandages, super glue, extension cord,   white chalk (to hide marks on the wedding gown), pain and nausea medication etc. Aisle Do,  provides a Wedding Emergency Kit which is available to all clients on Wedding Day.

As you can see there are so many things that could go wrong on wedding day. With careful planning and a few “Plan B’s” along the way. This is something that wedding planners are known for,  we’re packed full of ideas to save the day in a pinch!

I recently coordinated a wedding in which the Bride and Groom thought they had everything pre-planned and hired me to coordinate their day just days before their wedding. There were many small snags along the way and Mother Nature decided to downpour on the entire wedding party when they were coming into the church and then again while transitioning from the church to the photo location. Thankfully plastic table cloths that were on hand at the church came to the rescue. My assistant and I arrived dripping wet at the Reception Venue, changed our clothes, only to discover that the escort cards had not be received at the venue Now, this was a wedding of 400+ people I had a paper copy of the chart on hand and was able to get the Venue Manager to photocopy the chart. We then recruited a few of the Bride and Groom’s siblings to assist with escorting people to the correct table. It worked and the couple was absolutely thrilled with how we handled such a big task.

So, now I think this all goes without saying, have a back up plan! If you’re interested in having Aisle Do assist you on your wedding day or coming up with alternative ideas check out our Wedding Planning Services Page and get in contact with us. We will ensure your day goes off without a hitch, and even if an issue does happen to arise, never fear, we will be there to ensure it all goes smoothly.