Being a Wedding Planner, I need to make sure that I keep my body healthy and happy. I have so many appointments and long days that I must make sure I am always ready for action. I strongly believe that a large part of the fact that I don’t come down with a cold or flu when everyone else is being ravaged by sickness, I still feel healthy as a horse.

In my opinion I would generally say I keep to a fairly healthy diet, Recently I have been testing out the Vegetarian waters. So far I am enjoying this way of eating. I can’t say I have fully given up on meats. I still enjoy the odd juicy steak or chicken breast in my Caesar Salad. I myself believe it is important to take care of our bodies as we are only given one in our lifetime. We need to cherish that and provide the body with the nutrients it truly needs in order to sustain ourselves, especially in this day and age where sickness and disease lies around the corner, My belief is a lot of what we eat is way too processed and our bodies cannot handle all the strange additives that are put into our food to make it last, as you can see that’s a whole new topic,

This post was meant to let you in on my own Healthy eating secrets, I’ve never been
much of a breakfast type of girl, I would indulge in my two cups of tea as I check my emails in the morning, never feeling like I was truly waking up. So, I decided to experiment and whip up some breakfast smoothies, There we go! That was the answer! I discovered I don’t enjoy actually eating breakfast but if I could sip on it from a cup I would drink breakfast.

Cassandra’s Favourite Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

1 Banana (peeled)
7 Strawberries
1 Handful of Blueberries
1 Tablespoon of Peanut Butter
1-2 Tablespoons of Flax seed or Granola
2-3 Tablespoons of Plain Yogurt
1 Cup of Milk
6-8 Ice Cubes

Put all ingredients into a blender. Blend on high for about 2 minutes and Presto! Breakfast is served!

This smoothie is awesome because it literally covers all the food groups ensuring a balanced meal to get the energy pumping for an action packed day! It’s also nice and filling so it’s going to help keep hunger at bay until lunchtime, not to mention, it’s Delicious!

I tend to be big on snacking rather than actually sitting down for a large meal. I find a large meal makes me feel groggy and unmotivated. To avoid the “I’m too full to move” state throughout the day I snack on little healthy things like, cucumber, tomatoes, dry cereal (I rarely will eat an actual bowl of cereal with the milk!), cereal is packed full of vitamins and nutrients to assist with sustaining your brain power.

For lunch I will have some type of salad. Salad is great because there are so many variations you could really have a different salad everyday for a month and never have to repeat the exact same one. For me, the more colourful the better! I will usually start with a base of some type of greens like lettuce, spinach or kale. Then I choose a few vegetables to add, such as cucumber, tomato, celery, carrots. I’m big on protein, I believe it is important to add some type of protein to get you through the afternoon blahs. I combat my 3 o’clock burnout with a bit of protein. I add in either chickpeas, some type of bean such as kidney, black or white beans, or some type of nuts. If I’m feeling in the mood for a more filling lunch, I will add in a bit of pasta to add some bulk to the meal. These all go very well with pretty much any style of vinaigrette such as balsamic, Italian,or whatever you like really. Salad’s versatile like that!

Cassandra’s Easy Nutrient Rich Lunchtime Salad

15 Cherry Tomatoes
Handful of Spinach Leaves
1/2 of a Cucumber
1 Cup Chickpeas
2 Stalks of Green Onion
1 Chunk of Feta Cheese
Any Vinaigrette

Chop cherry tomatoes into small slices, add to bowl. Slice Cucumber and then slice each circle into 4’s toss into bowl. Chop green onion and add to the bowl. Add a handful or two of Spinach. Drain and rinse chickpeas. Add to bowl. Crumble feta cheese into salad. Toss to mix ingredients. Drizzle on your favourite dressing and enjoy your yummy vitamin packed lunch that will be sure to motivate you through the afternoon.

I very seldom drink any sort of pop. This is not a health choice of mine that I have made consciously. I just don’t seem to enjoy it much. On the rare occasion I will grab a pop if I am craving the bubbles. That happens maybe once every few months. I tend to choose more water based drinks such as water with cucumber and lemon. I find this very refreshing and much more exciting than boring old water. If I’m not drinking that then you can usually find me with either a Tetley tea (Orange Pekoe) or some sort of iced tea or juice. These are my go to’s when I need a quick refresh.

To be quite frank I’m not much of a dinner eater. I usually am too full from lunch to even begin to want a heavy dinner. I’ll generally whip up a tray of vegetables with dip and some cheese and crackers. Great way to pack on the vitamins but not feel too full before bed. This is also the time where I will reach for a bowl of cereal and actually add in the milk. I prefer eating my cereal for breakfast rather than dinner,

So, there you have it. An inside look at the typical meal plan I have for the day. This is not to say that I don’t indulge. I love my sweets like cakes, cookies and pastries. I also am a huge fan of chips. Chips are my weakness and the first thing I will reach for if I want a salty snack. I’m working on that. Pinterest has helped with finding healthy chip alternatives when I want to embrace the craving,


What are some of your favourite healthy eating recipes? Comment Below!