During the last few weeks, I have been working along one of my clients Bridal Party planning out the details of  a beautiful Bridal Shower. Our beach theme came from the Bride’s actual original vision she had had for her wedding day, incorporating subtle hues of blue, and soft lilac purple, with a beach-like feel to the whole wedding atmosphere. Unfortunately, the oh so manly fiance boycotted that idea and suggested something else that they were actually both able to agree upon that was able to cater to both of their tastes and personalities.That, I won’t reveal here, their wedding is September 19th, so stay tuned for more wedding details as I will definitely be writing all about the gorgeous wedding we have been working on since February. They are such a sweet couple and I have truly gotten to know them and their family very well. Sometimes I really do feel like I am part of the family, but we’ll save that for another post.

It took the Bridal Party and I approximately a month to pull all details of the shower for approximately 50 guests together. Including location, decor, menu, games, prizes, When it comes to events, and decor, ninety-nine percent of the time my first thought is
what can be bought at the local dollar stores and craft supply shops? Looking for decor items? Check out Michael’s here, I freakin’ love that place! It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven every time I walk in the front doors. Is it bad to admit, I have actually spent entire afternoons in a Michael’s on more than a few occasions.

We were able to purchase many of the items that were necessary for decor at both Dollarama and Dollar Tree, including all materials for almost all of the decor, minus our florist bought floral arrangements. The majority of the food served was purchased and prepared by members of the bridal party, as everyone felt it was important to actually put in the work themselves to show their love to their soon-to-be-wed sister/sister in law/best friend. I myself found it sweet that they all wanted to be so involved.

We all arrived yesterday morning at the shower location, which was happily available in Party Room of the Brides mother free of charge early in the morning. We first unpacked the many boxes and bags and started working out the plan to decorate the party room. Once we had our exact game plan and vision shown to all the ladies we began arranging the tables, wrestling with the still folded up, un-poofed (Yes, I make up a lot of my own words, it keeps things interesting) paper flowers, while a few of us did those things, the Bride’s sisters were hard at work, chopping, mixing, spreading, and rolling up a huge platter of wraps and sandwiches and wraps. I love it when a team works well together, everyone pitches in and things get done quickly. We had the room looking absolutely wonderful in the matter of just a couple of hours.

We used small fish bowl style candle holders, filled with some sand from a local sandbox (Hey, we’re resourceful!), and Ocean Mist scented candles, sprinkled a few small shells throughout the  sand in the bottom of the bowl, we lit the candles inside to create a soft scent throughout the room to assist with setting our beach mood. Our gorgeous dusty rose coloured rose floral arrangements were absolutely stunning. These were purchased through Astra Florists who is also the Aunt of the Groom, She has utterly breathtaking work. (She’s also doing the flowers and decorations for the wedding!) You can get in contact with Sandra or Susan at Astra Florists Toronto at their website http://www.astraflorists.com to see more of their fabulous arrangements!                                            

The delectable cupcakes were purchased through Jenna’s Little Cupcake Shop  who provided not only yummy cupcakes, but they were absolutely stunning, featuring a silver wrapper, with deliciously sweet turquoise icing topped with white chocolate starfish and seashells and a few small sugared pearls sprinkled across the top. Taking beach themed cupcakes to a whole new level! I love her work and will absolutely be getting back into contact with her for future events. Not to mention…she is an absolute sweetheart and threw in a few extra cupcakes at no additional charge!

I absolutely love working with other members of the family and wedding as well. Working with them, allows me to get to know my clients better as well as friends and family are often quick share details about the couple. In turn this allows me the Wedding Planner to be able to help incorporate other aspects that I know of into their wedding. I also like to get the Wedding Party to partake in additional tasks to help make their big day even more special. It’s the finer details that really count! All in all this beachy shower turned out fabulous! The guests had a lot of fun and the Bride was absolutely thrilled with everything that was done.


Photo Credit: Cassandra Churchill – Wedding Planner Florist Credit: Sandra – Astra Florist
Cupcakes Credit: Jenna – Jenna’s Little Cupcake Shop

All Vendors are located within the GTA